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  1. That is awsome for him. I hope he continues like that. Also Epale scored. Bravo to both of them. :gr: :gr: :gr: :tup: :tup: :tup:
  2. BRAVO Katsourannis. DAMN i can't believe we let him go. We could have use him this year. Bravo to him again. Well desrve perfomance. :tup: :tup:
  3. Bravo to Gekas. Make us proud baby!!!! :tup: :gr:
  4. How about we put a small bet that Lemonis will be gone next year before the Christmas brake? I can see the future people!!!!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  5. No matter what he sign if the bad results come in Kokkalis won't be scare to fire him too. But who cares who is the coach... As einai kala o Kokkalis :whistle: :whistle: :LOL:
  6. BRAVO to our youngsters!! Maybe the Greek teams can start looking in the Greek market for some new talent..... :gr: :gr: :tup:
  7. BRAVO TO BAGDATIS!!! :box: :box: :box: :gr: :gr: :gr: :box: :tup:
  8. It looks like something is moveing again. Here is the latest news:
  9. Bravo to Geka. He is doing good in Germany. Maybe Vardinogianis fill stupid for letting him go!!!!
  10. As long he dosen't think that his "s%$#! don't stink" and continues to play like he is i see a bright future for him... :tup:
  11. From what i got he is talking bad about Nikolaidis because he feels that Nikolaidis keeps changing his mind about the stadium and he dosen't feel that Nikolaidis is the best thing for AEK. He says that AEK need a strong leader and Nikolaidis is NOT that........
  12. File, you are absolutely right. However, this has been AEK's story from as long as i can remember. Its stupid to say but we are team with grinia. Some losers in Original can't see the bigger picture. Instead of smacking DEMI at the airport they all should have been giving him a handjob. How quickly they forget that last year we were about to be relegated to the fourth division. Demi and his friends saved the team. How many ex-players on any other team would have done the same. Anyway, I hope Deminio is the president for years to come. Solid ownership and a clear plan for the future is what Demi offers and what AEK needs. I agree with both of you..... DEMHS is the best thing that has happen to AEK in a long time. I agree with everything that he is doing. About the stadium i will be happy if we build one and let it be WHERE EVER as long it's AEK's stadium.... DEMH GERA!!!!!
  13. Here is some more good news :tup: .......It's from Supersport..
  14. This is what Demh said today on his interview with the reporters. It's from Supersport:
  15. I hope it's true and something happens!!!!!!!! :tup: :box: [SIZE=7]
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