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  1. Tziolis provides nothing. Tachtsidis is slow and defensively is not that good. Samaris is good enough to be the 8ari. I agree about Maniatis. I like the idea about Torosidis and Holebas as wingbacks pushing forward alot. Also Petsos should be ahead of Tziolis. The real problem we have to worry about is Manolas. We all know how good he is and i am a fan this player. Sokratis is our best player. Kyriakos i can count on. He always turns it on for Greece. I think Manolas thinks his so good that he gets caught out when playing for Greece. I always wish the best for Greek players, i always want Greeks in anything to make us proud and do well and these past few years Manolas has been the most improved player out of all Greeks. Also in my opinion its safe to say Sokratis and Manolas are our World Class players. Im very patriotic and i am a very proud Greek and i want Greece to be a superpower not just in football but in everything thats how proud and patriotic i am. I can tell you in the 2014 World Cup Manolas suprised at how good he played and what he can do. This is my order of who made me think what a player they are. 1.Manolas ( Just shocked me at the way he defended and won so many areial duels but i knew what he was capable of from Olympiakos but at the World Cup he was king.) 2.Kone ( This guy looked way above everyone else in my opinion looked like the real spark for our team in attack.) 3.Lazaros/Samaris ( Lazaros showed everyone how well he can dribble past players.) Samaris completely shocked me with the way the goal he scored when he came on.) These 4 have serious talent and should be the players that should of carried this team in Euro Qualifiers. But they didnt. The only player that i can say that did well and was better than everyone else was Sokratis. He tried to carry this team by himself this shows you how much he cares and the passion he has for his country. All in all if Manolas does not pick up his NT form i say we give the spot to Papadopoulos.
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  2. was voted into the bundesliga team of the year last year as a full back
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  3. Michalis Sifakis in goals for K.V. Kortrijk for a 2nd consecutive match away to Standard Liege. The match finished 1-1 with both goals scored by Greek internationals Thanasis Papazoglou for K.V. Kortrijk in the 12th minute & Giannis Maniatis from the penalty spot for Standard Liege in the 31st minute.
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