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  1. Can't remember in which thread it was someone said Greece supposedly never won from Malta before, anyway, here's a little history :): 11/10/70
  2. I agree with a lot of what you wrote if not all!
  3. He looks terrible indeed. At least it's good to see he still cares ... I guess. Let's see what he does during the Malta game... (because yes, he will be in the goal).
  4. Why wouldn't he play again? Please explain...
  5. And epo.Gr's back up too :whistle: :D ! Otto's comments.
  6. Looks okay :) but isn't Seitaridis out for wednesday's game?
  7. Lame ... just checked it again they're probably upgrading the whole thing as one can only enter with a password atm...
  8. You're kidding? And it takes them three days to get it back up? I kept being redirected to hol.Gr the last two days, today I just got the "page not found" message...Anyone have a clue as to who hacked it?
  9. Sadly enough I have to agree... his performance saturday was awful... At least someone else should take over the captaincy (Karagounis?).
  10. Yes sadly enough those with a brain should indeed rout for Turkey. None the less I don't think Turkey will have it easy against Norway (sic semper tyrannis)... If the Turks can keep their cool they will probably beat them by speed and good counterattacking football as they have shown during the match with Greece. And for Greece - Malta ... if they take this game seriously, yes, Greece can win. But that won't be easy either. Sure hope Samaras will play again ... :)! Edit: btw people does anyone else have problems entering epo.Gr ?
  11. Completely agree with Deuce ... I was ecstatic to see Greece score in the first five minutes (the best five minutes of the entire match for that matter, at least we saw some no-fear offense), but right after that I realised that things would get very tough from there on. I mean you just know that they're gonna get nervous, that they're gonna start the "bunker-mode" as Deuce said, and instead of looking for a second goal that could've decided the match or at least simplified it for the Greek side what did they do? Retreat, go into defensive mode, "wait and see", lose practically every ball or just pass them to the opposition. And as if that wasn't enough yet, Nikopolidis ... well ... maybe it's best I don't even start about him. But I will. At one time even by just throwing out he almost gave away a fifth goal... fisting the ball away instead of just catching it way too many times. Letting passed balls that were way too easy... To me he was the worst man of the match. Shame, 'cause he has qualities, but yes, he's getting older. But I would like to say (or do) :tup: to Samaras (among others, but especially him) who didn't stop fighting until the whistle was blown. I hope we will do better against Malta. I hope the Greek team will play with confidence, something they lack. They lack it when they get up front too early in the game, the lack it when they get behind anytime during a game. They need confidence, they need to fight and keep fighting, and they need to work on their technique and bring in younger players, not all at a time, but slowly integrate them!
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