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    ^^ Myth?? Which part of my post is a myth? PAO has achieved in Europe what no other Greek team has achieved = FACT Organised criminal elements exist in Greek football according to police charges = FACT We played CL quarter finals against Barcelona and were close to the semis = FACT That same PAO team could not win a championship = FACT The Gayvro teams of the same era achieved nothing even close to PAO in Europe = FACT Here is another fact that I'll share with you. We all have friends and relatives who are Oly supporters. They will happily say that they would DIE for European success. They CRAVE IT! They have craved it since the days they played Juventus in the 90's and came close to knocking them out. To say they did not put energy into European success is FALSE.
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    The xasapi and the cripple. Eleos. You were, without a doubt, one of the people calling Cisse a sapaki one month into his first season. No doubt about that. It's August. Relax. Eisai toso ypervolikos merikes fores. Sanchez has played like 45 mins in a PAO jersey. I'm not saying he's an all world CB but he isn't s%$#!. Everyone wants the team to start the season rolling on all cylinders. It doesn't really happen like that, especially when you have so many new faces. As for Abeid, I think last year showed how big of a loss he was to the midfield. He's young, he's performed in this system and with the majority of these players, and he plays in a position of desperate need. He's a big pickup for PAO and we should be thankful he will be wearing the jersey until 2018.
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    Can't have your cake and eat it too. It's either greek football or your club. Your beloved club couldn't care less about the league, because that would seriously hurt their intentions.
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    Yes most definately You wish
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    Great game! Let's keep it going!
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    17 championships in the last 19 years!!! There is nothing else more to say! I really want you guys to improve because that would be great for Greek football, and for a team with such history and the players that have played for you guys in the past, it's quite embarrassing to see how low you guys have gone! I think you should all just be quiet and concentrate on improving.
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    Paidia, I can't believe some PAO and AEK fans on this forum already began starting to question Fortounis beautiful goal. Nothing is wrong with the goal. We cant do anything or they start blaming the world for our victories. It's really a complex. Only sad people cry about these things all day long if they dont wannna admit they cant beat us. No not because we have 5 times the quality then them it's because we are better, no it's because we bought off everybody including the control of the weater so we can control the wind when ever PAO and AEK miss a chance it's because we let the wind blow at that exact time. ANTE GEIA protathlima prin ta xistougenna !!!!!
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    This topic needs to be shut down! Olympiakos have been the best team for years! Better players! They actually have there own stadium........WOW! If you guys can't even be competitive how's that our fault! So you need to make up excuses everytime you fail.....get a grip and start playing football
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    We did to post working links before every game so we all can get to see our team play. Got a decent side this year. But it will take time for silva to find his best 11.
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    3-0 first game against Panionios 1-0 Fortounis 2-0 Bouxalakis 3-0 Dossevi
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    I'm holding out hope for this one. http://olympiakos-live.gr/streaming/Olympiakos-Panionios its stuck at half hope it works
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    Hattrick today aganst Sivasspor.
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    Listening to matches on the radio sucks...I feel like I'm stuck in 1945...
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    We can't just got out there and get any big name coach that doesn't have a job right now. We need to be smart we need to do some research and we have to find a coach that is best suited for our team and our style of play. We can't just go out and get for example a run and gun style of coach because he's the best name out there. We need to make a decision on a coach and stick with him. We can't keep switching coaches every 5 games or so. We need a coach that will restore our defensive system plus add a bit of creativity on offense, we need a coach that will preach fitness and dedication, we need a coach that is a players coach, a coach that will be patient with young players and gives them a chance to develop and not afraid to put them in the line up, we need a coach that will give us an identity again and everyone will know there roles and not be asked to do something they are not capable of. Yes it will be a long road for our team as we are in a transition but we do have some good pieces that we can build on. We still have defenders that are above average and very capable of playing solid defense, we lack in our midfield position right now, we do have some pieces that show potential up front we just hope with a new coach that one of these guys can step up and take the role. We need someone that is willing to stick with a line up if he really believes in it because all of this juggling of players all the team will not allow the team to build a system and get comfortable with each other. Just my thoughts.
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    the nonsense talk of getting rid of Europe to win the league :bangin:
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    @Freeze, all this time we were longing for abeid, you included and now that we got him, you find a way to sour the mood. Try to understand that the fans are frustrated. We have had a horrid preseason. This move, late as it may be, finally gets us feeling somewhat chirpy. We are well aware that he is no rock star, but he is an important first team player for this side and the chemistry he displayed with his teamates was second to none. He is also an extremely clever player which is rare for someone of his age in this league. Last season, when we failed to bring him back and with berg succumbing to injury, it all went to s%$#!. Anastasiou had to compensate with petric and karelis. Also i remember well on the old site, you of all people saying after we beat a dismal paok side to lift the cup with abeid in the lineup, that 'we have a side worthy of taking on big challenges'.
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    Soiledis was awesome today but he needs like 4 or 5 more performances like this before he's included, Platanias is a very bad team. I'm not gonna comment on Platellas lol.
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    We all agree that so long as the organised criminal elements control Greek football (as per official charges laid) Anastasiou will have one hand tied behind his back. Always. To say we will win the protathlima will be very premature when Veroia, Levediakos etc will keep handing wins to the gayvro. Europe was always seen as the level playing field. That is why our past successes in Europe are worth so much historically, why the gayvros cannot emulate what we achieved. A team that could not win the Greek league yet played against Barcelona in the quarter finals and was inches away from a semi final. A win against Qabala is a must, a loss or elimination is sending the message to the fans that we are no better than a 3rd place Azeri team.
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    Why even recuse these people. Just let them drown. All these muslim terrorists are invading Europe and Europeans are too dumb to figure it out. France is having monthly terrorists attacks by these people and they are still coming in by the thousands. You know how these people are. They come in, demand food and health care, strain the system, and then have 10 little mohammads and next you thing you know, they will be 40% of the population.
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    People are excited cause we have been missing this type of player since he left. A box to box midfielder that has proven he can score and most important a player that wants to play for the Fanella. You bitch and complain den exoume omada you bash Essein-sanchez and when we finally fork out money for Abeid tora its like big deal mipos esi ligo MISEROS FILE?
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    well fack i forgot about that slight technicality dammit haha. that means i'll just have to get on the greek radio.
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    I learned a very long time ago. Excuses are for losers. Winners make things happen. We were playing to #win weren't we? Your point of teamwork on this play makes no sense. Teamwork is making sure you do your job. A goalie keeps. Defenders defend. Strikers score. Holding mids hold. If you want to blame ninis for anything it's why is he behind kats and makos? Go watch the video again. I agree you need a trained eye to understand what is going on. It's not 101. It's 301. But you will get there. Sense of Positioning on the pitch is a very important skill set. Not everyone is good at it. It is a crucial skill set for a dm. Even more when you play with 2dm. The defensive mids are lured out of position & are not fit enough to RUN back into position. They try to walk back. Ninis tries to cover for them Kats gives a nod to Jesus instead of shepherding the opponent by raising his arms in the air. The rest is like hockey. He shoots. He scores. If dm were 5 yards higher up no goal. Also. If they played higher up so would our offside trap. Don't try to pin this on ninis. The photo finish does not lie. And all this way before ninis comes into play. I told you. Come to the pitch. I teach this stuff in real life. To real people.

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