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the final four (cup) of water polo took place in the weekend in which Olympiakos claimed the trophy. The professional players of all teams but Olympiakos, boycotted the event (strike), as a result of which they played the games with their second or third teams (non-professional players). My thoughts are:

Who goes on strike? someone who is claiming against a set economic, political, employment situation "katestimeno".

Who doesn't? someone who is either served or serves this "katestimeno". Or even one who struggles to make a living! Which of the above categories do Olympiakos players belong to?

Secondly, from a moral point of view, its correct to side with your colleagues when they decide to take such an action,for various reasons, not the least not to be seen as "apergospastis". Talking about "spastes" the olympiakos fans for the second consecutive year intimidated the opposition including the players of Ethnikos, the other finalist, kai ta espasan ola- gialia karfia.

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