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  1. thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts. I do i agree with you that zagorakis is not at his best and maybe not good enough to be in the national squad- this was too implied in my original post. The point i'm making is slightly different, i would not disregard the role of the media. To an extent they shape public opinion. The only correction to your thoughts, if i may, is that what i feel is not anger but sadness rather.
  2. The national squad made us all immensely proud when out of the blue and without a demonstrable track record won the euro 2004. What a display of character and Greek spirit/soul. Zagorakis was undoubtedly instrumental to this and was declared player of the tournament. Should the expectations of the team rise following the unexpected success? This is a matter of opinion, mine happens to be probably not. I will always see the euro 2004 as a lifetime gift, a surprise gift something unique. I think we all know what the greek football is really capable of. Zagorakis has been the focus of the
  3. Happy birthday PAOK, Ziaka thanks for this, it sounds like a sad story... :gr:
  4. File steveo7 euxaristo very kind of you Iraklis is having a party!!
  5. Thanks for the article paok4, do you think paok needs more new players then? With over 10 transfers last year, would there be any room for yet more players? What would the impact be on the team, can it assimilate all of them within reasonable time? It seems that savvidis has backed down for now- afti i polisi einai to gefiri tis artas!!! :blink:
  6. Thanks georgios 10, thanks kapsolas, great-late- start to a saturday and the long weekend!!! keep sending them in pls!!! :rolleyes:
  7. There is nothing that can stop us from winning this one - your prediction included!!! :D
  8. You don’t find such commitment often nowadays, well done salpigidis, you deserve a lot of credit. One may argue that he is not a top player yet, everyone would agree however that he is not bad, he has a lot of potential and he is PAOKTZIS. The team needs such players, players/fans who love the team and share the aspirations of the fans. I think paok and any team in that respect, would be a lot better off if they had players who identified themselves as fans of the team they play for. This may also be the case for the manager? (... would anastasiadis achieve more than Dumitrescou?) By compari
  9. Sikoseeee too to ....... den mporo den mporo na perimeniooooooo :gr: :gr: :gr:
  10. :gr: Ainteeeeee Arianaaaaraaaaa bring the trophy to where it belongs :gr:
  11. Happy birthday kai apo mena sweet sixteen eh? :P :1eye:
  12. Sorry to attract your attention here for the wrong reason Lazarus but thanks for intervening. To diffuse the tension and go back to the topic, do you have an opinion about era that you wish to share with the rest?
  13. I must say, i always enjoy reading your informed analysis of games, Ziaka. I only watched the 2nd half where AEK still seemed to maintain ball possession, i was impressed however by PAOK attaching force as it was expressed in the first real chance for a goal in the second half. EXCELLENT game development and passing, poor finish unfortunately by Iliadis? Both goals of PAOK were nice to watch, sikabala stands out, the rest still a competent team. I'm i wrong in saying that our defending line was a bit weak with some poor clearances? In the second half, the one i watched, AEK created hard
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