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since they locked the topic in OSFP fourm right after this post ill repost it here...Of course montreal locked it because i called him out on the same bs about PAO fans complaining and he locked it because he had nothing to say....but this is irrelevant, the focus is ATROMITOS was treated unfairly, not PAO not AEK....

point is, Atromitos had every right to complain about the refereeing in this game.

i never really bought any of the controversy over the refs but after watching the highlights its kind of.....blatant. download the higlights off e-go.gr yourself.

i just saw the highlight of the atromitos goal.........i watched it like 4 times and couldnt see anything wrong with it whatsoever (clip had no commentary). there was no foul, no hand, and no offside. complete bullshit on Atromitos when they could have tied it up....

oh and there was a perfectly onside breakaway stopped...

and on the penalty, Mixalhs is offside, then throws his shoulder on to #2 and bounces off in the box...what a load of crap.

anyways this team has shown some good performances and hopefully wil break in to the top 6 for UEFA.....theyre in Peristeri for the game with Ionikos, really a must win and very possible one...

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