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greek teams on fifa 2004


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Hey guys, I unloacked the kits the way you said to. The only bitch is that it only unlocks the home and away of that team so you have to do the same thing for each team in that league. Then a window pops up and says: Accomplishment: Defeated all (of a league's) teams. Only after that are the 3rd kits unlocked.

I found the best 2gk kits on the globe on centre-spot.com. They are absolutely off the hook! They look insane in the game...Check this out: :tup:

Posted Image

It will be available to download 2nite... :tup: :tup: :tup: Notice how they didn't make Olympiakos kits...hmm smart guys :whistle:

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It's confusing but I understand. Follow closely... ;)

1) Go into practice mode and chpose to play against the team whose kits you want to unlock.

2) Just do a Free Practice (meaning a game). Once you score a goal, press escape and get out of the practice mode.

3)If you go to your "Hall of Kits" you'll see that the team's home and away jerseys have been unlocked.

4)Now, if you want that team's third jersey to be unlocked so that you can play with it, you need to do steps 1 and 2 FOR EVERY TEAM IN THAT LEAGUE! :huh: . I know, it's so Olympiakos(make it an adjective now... :lol: ) isn't it...

5) It's a tedious and annoying process but once it's done, all the teams in that league with a third kit will have been unlocked and you'll get a popup on your screen saying: "Accomplishment: All the teams from (the league which you unlocked) have been defeated."

6) Make sure you save your profile so you don't lose the saved kits and you can play with any third kit from then on in the game.

-An xriazese voithia...JUST HOLLER! ;)

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Hey manges, Happy New Year! The PAO 2gk Home kit that I showed above is ready for download! :D Panathinaikos 2gk Home Kit

Make sure though that if you're going to download it that you have the 2gk kit raptor. You can get it at www.socceraccess.com. You must also additionally download the fix for it on the same site otherwise your kits will come out in neon green and red. If you do all this, the kit looks gorgeous in the game... kits for all the Greek teams also being worked on at www.fifaecp.com... :tup:

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im sorry that patch is just a giant bug. Its totally screwed up my fifa. i start out and some players i cannot control (on my own team) players are doubled, i played AEK vs OSFP and AEK came out wearing OSFP uniforms and with OSFP banners everywhere. Not to mention the team management been screwed up - there are like 18 players on the starting list about 8 defenders all listed as starting defenders plenty more..... the kits i did see were nice but this really really needs a lot of work...

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:lol: Sounds like you're enjoying this eh Drako...I haven't downloaded it cus I've got my own problems with the game but I'm thinking that there may be some problems that you've done on your own. When you reinstall the game try the patch again but make sure you back up the files. If that doesn't work then deep-6 it man. The other thing you might wanna do is extract the jerseys, faces, and chants using BigGui, KitRaptor etc. and when you reinstall the game normally just import them...About 17 players, I've had similar problems that when I use the Creation Centre "too much" that I can't put a player into the starting lineup and each time I click the number of starters is depleted by one... :blink: Fixing this should keep you busy instead of drinking at those Swiss frats... :D

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