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AEK - Olympiakos at OAKA..Live


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triffilli i to was happy to see a full oaka but to say that away fans can go to games except for the organised fans is wrong and totally disagree. why shouldnt they be allowed to attend the game like any other away fan?

u say they tend to make the trouble most of the time u could be right on that but as u stated 1 idiot threw a bottle at rivaldo out of 63,129 fans at oaka are u telling me he was part of the organomenoi? if u look close most likely he was near episimoi area of oaka so that just proves that whether u are organomenoi or not it cant stop 1 or 10 ppl wrecking the whole game for all.

and seriously which away fan in there right mind could sit in the middle of opposition fans the whole game especially for derby like being at the church? i couldnt do it and i would assume not many would.

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I do not have any argument against your views Aek gia panta.

The fact seems to be that when both sides of the fans are in the stadia there is trouble more often than not :tdown:

The trouble usually involves the "kerkides" of the visiting team vs the home team.

I have been to many derbies where the home / away fans are more involved in throwing "projectiles" or burning flags, than actually watching the game...

I have been to EVERY big "edra" and it has been the same story for many years now.

Keeping the fans away, by separating them has not worked...

searching, has not worked...

Police and MAT are outnumbered and unwilling to risk their lives.

Education so far has not worked, it is the only solution, but it takes time.

For now, until things get better or just calmer, I have no objection to excluding visiting fans.

In most stadia it is counterproductive, expensive and it scares the real fans away.

We saw what a great job AEK did bringing back the core of Greek football, the regular fan, not the hooligan.

My point is that if a fan really wants to go to the game, they can.

One day we might all be able to sit next to each other without risking our lives, until then KEEPING IT SANE and safe is the priority :tup:


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