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AEK - Olympiakos at OAKA..Live


What do you think ?  

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Douros did make the "comments apology" in the Fos gavropaper after a hand grenade was thrown in his backyard. (the grenade was a fake) but still enough for him to sh*t his pants and say what he said about making mistakes in PAO's favour and apologising to the gavro fans. This has never happend before, a ref to come out and apologise with an interview.

Funny though how easily he forgot to mention the errors he made in Oly's favour :angry:

Doure, m*unaki twn gaurwn to tsiraki :box:

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some things will never change in greece. but sometimes it is quite annoying, that people give more attention to the ref who is chosen for the match, than the match itself. not meaning that it is the peoples fault.

unfortunately i dont see this change in the near future, but there has to be done something that greek refs get on a higher level. it is just the question how can this be done? :(

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well it can start from the fans not cracking the shits everytime the ref gives a free kick to the opposing team or and offisde call etc. i mean sometimes it's over the top fans complaiing oh we lost the derby cause we didnt get free kicks or we got 1 bad offside call etc. les kai paizoun mpala basismeno ston diathiti na tous dosei kanena foul i ohi offside gia na nikisoun.

from know on i will focus on game rather then ref and if we good enough to win kalos if not to bad enough with the ref's already.

and it will also help if media dont promote this propaganda crap and say oh this team lost because of ref etc which gets fans more annoyed.

lets actually enjoy the games of our teams be it derbies or not and who cares if ref makes one mistake might actually be good for us. thats unless we dont want to change and stay stuck in the so called paranga league with kokkalis bardinogiani and govts controlling who wins protathlima etc.

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who can remember the last derby where refereeing decisions werent factors of the game (except for 3-0 at rizoupoli and cup final 03-04)

if it is a draw or win by 1 goal (and most probably will be) then i guarantee controversy.

The result will show us where AEk will be and what we are capable of this season

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OH NO, aek is going to 'let loose' on us ! PH33R !

once soares and limbe are clamped down, the rest will run around like kotes, searching for the exits. bring in some professionals first, then talk about beating Olympiakos SFP

i was just reading through this topic again and i found this...Vasilios man, ive heard and argued alot of stuff that you say but this is probably the most arrogent of them all.....seriously, before i read this, i was hoping oly would beat aek to knock them down a peg but afterward, there is no doubt in my mind that i want aek to kick the s%$#! out of olympiakos...i mean, there is alot of "bragging" about each of our teams..but that post took it up a step...damn dissapoitnign from you cause sometimes( not often :D ) actually have some valid arguments...so ELA AEK!!!
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In every team these things happen almost every 2 or 3 training sessions

Its just that these things get reported by press days before big derbies...  ;)

Exactly... additional.... alla egrapse to Sportaction... kai alla ...ta alla site....

I can remember in the last WC.. when the Swedish players... 3 days befor the game... started beating each other in the Training Session..... ... Afterwards 3 days later they have beaten mighty England..... And only then the press...wrote... the incident in the training session was positive... because it proved...that the Swedish were load up with energy.....and determination....

What happened at AEK are the signs of the "will of victory"... agianst a team, who thinks that they have reached the Soccer Olymp of Europe.......

(And of course... signs of a Vendetta by Soares)....

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Well, Olympiakos will definatley be a challenge.

However, i fell we can win for 2 reasons.

1) We are playing at home infront of screaming AEK fans, as long as they give good support, this will be a major help. Also, speaking about referees, i believe that the ref could even favour AEK, be persuaded by our crowd. I hope he does a fair job though.

2) The fact that Oly have played a champions league match will take a lot out of them. Last time they played, the next week, they lost 2-0 to Xanthi. Also, AEK have had a 7 day rest, and will be pumped up and ready to go.

Once again, i cant see AEK keeping a clean sheet, so i am going to predict 3-2 to AEK!!!!!

I will not be disapointed if we lose though, as it is a very hard game. If we do happen to win though, that will be a 4 point gap between AEK and Oly.

:tup: VIVA AEK :tup:

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tell me, who smells the most in AEK's locker room ? what else do you know ?

Soares is smelling that he will shoot the most goal this saison in Greece.......

and he also smells... an additional goal for him against Oly......... and he also smells ...that Anatolakis and Georgatos...will come with bad intentions... towards him.....even more.... he is smelling that Anatolakis - Georgatos...will come with stinky ...dirty ..intentions.....and therefore he hopes..that Douros..has a good Nose......but the most he hopes...that Douros dares to react... with some color weapons....

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and therefore he hopes..that Douros..has a good Nose......but the most he hopes...that Douros dares to react... with some color weapons....

the only think douros will show is his hand in the air waving play on....dont expect anything fair from him...

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