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i must voice my concern about the current state of our team. i am not confident that we will be able to reach our first CL victory this week.

my first concern is with the teams dispostion on the field. the team that came from behind and was able to score games and win games late into regulation, scoring in injury time, on numerous occasions last season, is simply buckling under pressure currently. we saw it with grasshopper and iraklis, our 2 most difficult games to this point. if our opponents score we lose our cool and an ugly meltdown ensues. this is no way to play in the against mature and deadly teams.

my second conern is personnel. we have far too many injuries, at each position we are not plating with the ideal starter. this is a huge concern for our defense primarily, where we may have abonsah, borbokis, and kasapis all out ( i don't even want to think about missing kapsis). this is the defense that allowed 2 goals to a undermanned side- and nearly conceded a few to yet another under manned side. our offense is influened as well. my primary conern is the unorthodox use of okkas, are most deadly weapon, who is used away from the area in right-field. surely there must be someone else to fill lakis gap, and not draw out most potent scorer into a largely ineffaectual position. this way we are forced to start ivic as our lone striker- and he is not teh player he used to be- especially not while playing alone up front- he is not the man to carry our offense.

i can't see many things changing by midweek- i will hope however.


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Kostas... I am also worried about the upcoming match with Depor. It seems the team is not as calm or as composed as we thought it was. The injuries to Kasapis, Abonsah and Borbokis worry me greatly. We will need to play players in make shift positions to cover for the losses. If we can get an early goal though I think that we will beat Depor but I am very worried.

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The injuries dont worry me one bit. More worrying is the cracking under pressure. Grasshoppers and Ira took us to the cleaners with 10 men and for me is the biggest stress mark of the lot.

We need to have some moredirection when things are not working our way, we need to force the game to turn rather than sit back and let it happen.

Im not expecting a win here.

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AEK misses

- Kassapis (DL) - Key Player

- Georgatos (DM LC) - Key Player

- Borbokis (DR) - Key Player

- Kapsis (DC) - Key Player

- Abonsah (DC) - On team Rotation

- Lakis (AM RC) - Key Player

- Milen Petkov (M LC) - On team Rotation

- Maladenis (AMC) - On team Rotation

Also Tsiartas just recovered from an injury and been out of play for 3 weeks - Key Playmaker!

And Last Nikos Lymberopoulos (AM/F C) has only a few games and also comes from a major injury...

If the gods of Football are with us on the night and if the problems of Depor finally take their toll on the qsuad (but those problems did not seem to hurt them domestically) then we might win by 1 goal.

But the odds are against us right now...

I will remain confident and say 2-1 ...

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according to sportaction, borbokis is a chance but there are heavy doubts over kapsis and georgatos. these are 2 huge losses that instantly put us behind the 8-ball. abonsah is certain to be sidelined.

i'm struggling to put a line-up together as it appears as though our starting defensive unit is going to be sitting it out.

something like this:


bulldog kreek mwras kostenoglou

tsiartas ?? katsouranis zagorakis lybe

okkas nails/ivic

i'm thinking that the frog will pack his pants and play with one lone striker with possibly tsiartas behind him. surely lybe will start as there are no other forseeable options out on the left.

the defense is a huge concern and that is probably why we will have to conservative in our approach (which is satanic when you consider we are playing at home). perhaps we will play with 3 at the back as we have no obvious left back.

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Im going to have to say that with all the players we WILL NOT have available, and as bad as our defense is WITH our key players, I think Defensive is probably the best way to go. If Lymbe and Okkas score 3 goals and we lose 4-3 still doesnt matter.

You have to protect your weak spot and that is a major one, especially after sunday's game....

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Nice those 4 made it back in time !

But AEK has not yet presented a fully fit squad for an entire game and this, as we continue to see, disrupts the ballances midgame for us...

I am counting on the fact that the players are going to see this for the European Battle of the magnitude it really has for the team and cover any gaps by ecxeeding their selves...

Ela re AEKara!

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Well we have huge injury worries and what worries me is that we cant pick from a full squad. Kasapis and Lakis are big loses and so is Abonsah for the fact that we have no one else there. Itll be a bit of a make shift team. Also anyone else notice that Deportivo have all sorts of problems but are still TOP of La Liga?

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Opos fenounte ta pragmata... mono o Abonsah den tha paixi......

As vali ton Mora.... gia na psithi...to paidi..... kai gia ton Panathinaiko....


To provlima me tous traumatismenos paixtas mas... hne ta prokrimatika paixnidia gia to CL..........pou arxisane sths 13.8..... se ligo kairo... eprepe na anevi h fisiki katastasi ton paixton..... kai katefthian vevea arxisane me sklires sto seri proponosis.....xoris megali anapafsis Etsi vevea... to risko gia traumatismous anevani terastia.....

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georgatos is definitely out! unless it is a smoke screen.

the papers said that we are playing as such:


georgeas as the rb (kai o theos boithos :o )

kreek lb

kapsis- kostenoglu in the middle (moras for kapsis if he can't start)

katsouranis-zago the defensive mids.

borbokis right wing

okkas left wing

tsartas free role behind :

lyberopoulos ( i hope we start him and not ivic)

all in all, this is the best we can do- i hope with borbokis in front of georgeas, the latter will get some help.



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well i thoguht borbokis isn't playing. i hope so because i have him in my fantasy team in cl as with 14 other aek players :lol: and with our big win aurio i expect it to be one of the top scoring teams.

seriuosly georgatos needs to play. put him 1st half oti traviksi traviksi kai meta bgalton. we need to have okkas and ivic up front and ymbe behind and tsartas has to play a cntral midfield role with zagorakis and katsouranis helping out. we need kapsis, moras and kostenoglou as back 3 or georgeas instead of kostenoglou. we need experience back there though and seeing pao's performance simera there inexpereinced cl line up cost them big time.

a good line up would be


kapsis kostenoglou moras

borbokis katsouranis tsiartas zagorakis georgatos

lymbe okkas

and ivic come on, maladenis on and georgeas on depending on result's/injuries. whatever.

prepei oposipote na tous htipisoume kai na tous baloume goal grigora na einai sto back foot. meta blepoume

ante aekara mporeis na doseis katapliktiki emphanisi

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i don't like that line-up one bit.......knowing the frog he will go with his mate ivic up-front whick will just ruin our hopes.

the bulldog at right back :o .....that's where he plays his worst football - like kosta said "kai o theos boithos".

please, please start lybe.......if he and okkas link up then we can cause some serious damage.

but boy do we need lakis to come back....

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