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Petrocub Hincesti-AEK Larnaca(18 July 2019, Stadionul Zimbru, Chisinau)

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29 Avram(GK)

2 Ndzomo

4 Mudrac

6 Taras

9 Ambros(Captain)

10 Bejan

11 Slivca

17 Cojocari

21 Potirniche

44 Djou

90 Jardan




16 Railean(GK)

5 Rusu

8 Turcan

18 Gulceac

19 Coscodan

32 Bogdanovic

97 Tiscul


Manager: Lilian Popescu(MDA)

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25 Ramirez(GK)

4 Truyols

5 Mojsov

8 Acoran

10 Trickovski(Captain)

11 Tete

13 Hevel

18 Gonzalez

22 Sastre

41 Cases

99 Giannou




1 Christodoulou(GK)

2 Thandi

3 Antoniadis

9 Keaveny

12 Assoubre

23 Taulemesse

27 Raul


Manager: Imanol Idiakez(ESP)

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Final AEK Larnaca substitution:


Assoubre IN

Hevel OUT



All changes have been made

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Petrocub Hincesti 0-1 AEK Larnaca   FT


AEK Larnaca win 2-0 overall and go through

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