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Dila Gori-Anorthosis

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1 Skender(GK)

3 Salukvadze(Captain)

4 Oniani

6 Shashiashvili

11 Vatsadze

12 Gogua

13 Grigalashvili

15 Modebadze

16 Kvirkvelia

17 Guruli

27 Bechvaia


32 Shekriladze(GK)

7 Aladashvili

8 Akhalatsi

23 Jishkariani

37 Kashia

57 Katsitadze

77 Gvalia

Manager: Teimuraz Shalamberidze(GEO

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1 Blazic(GK)

3 Jorge

4 Colin

33 Ilic

88 Boaventura

5 Alexa

8 Spadacio

20 Laban

21 Laborde

7 Calvo

9 Okkas(Captain)


31 Mastrou(GK)

2 Andic

23 Sielis

99 Ohayon

17 Rezek

11 Roncatto

27 Jula

Manager: Ronny Levy(ISR)

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Dila Gori open the second half with a change:

Aladashvili IN

Grigalashvili OUT

Surprised they didn't want to take off one of their yellows

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So Anorthosis have the 1-0 lead and the all-important away goal through Captain Yiannakis Okkas. Okkas may be getting old, but he can still come through, and has in a big way here!

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Dila Gori 0-1 Anorthosis FT

Good result for Anorthosis, as they have home field, an away goal and a lead to bring back to Larnaca. The extra man pays off.

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