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To be honest I stand by what I said last year, PAO were overrated. We won the league for the same reason Valverde won it the last time he was in charge of Olympiakos. Because every other team was poor. We failed to beat every decent team we played last season, except for Roma and let's face it, even a broken clock is right twice a day!

The fact is, we're a one man team... actually i take that back, a two man team with Gilberto (even though he's about 87 years old). Even in the ridiculously poor league last year, we'd have probably finished second without Cisse.

We need to buy another striker, a right back, 2 centre backs and an attacking midfielder. We need a new fitness coach and most importantly, a new philosophy, which means Seitaridis and Katsouranis have to be shown the door! Until we do that we'll be a mediocre team with a very good striker that bails us out in the league. In Europe we'll be exposed again

Drakos, Kavala are not a strong team this year. They've lost alot of important players since last year

So you say, because they havent amazed in the first two games but they played quite strong. They may not end up being as good as last year but theyre still very respectable and tough team and have the mostly the same solid core of players, yes they are missing some players, but they also made some good signings.

I agree ENTIRELY about the rest --- we definitley did not wow in the league ---- CISSE won that league, and it was pretty clear he was the big difference maker. We won because of Cisse, and also beacuase Aris annialated PAOK's dreams in that derby with total dominance that crippled their hopes of staying in it the race.

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i have argued ths before, but i dont think cisse is the only reason we won last year...w/o him yes, we are lost, but he is our goalscorer, that is his job on the team and he does it well..the fact that most of his goals last year were assisted tells us that without the delivery he had, which was very very good last year, he would not have gotten the goals...last year everyone on the field did their jobs well enough to win the title..cisse was the most clinical player on the team...but i dont see how you cant give credit to players like salpi and leto and ninis who had a boat load of assists last year...and to katsourani for scoring goals when cisse was still finding his form..sure he is sucking this year, but i think we can give credit to winning the title to the whole team including nioplia..in my opinion, the league was won when vyntra scored his goal vs asteras..why not credit him for his very good perfomances last year too...

its easy to see the external..yes cisse scored all these goals but our team played well as a whole..cisse is going to be the leading scorer in greece whether we win the title or not, its the way the team performs on a whole that determines whether we win the protathlima..so give credit where it is due

the old saying 'the team wins and losses together' is actually the truth..

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And, this game is going to be the last one for a while for PAO fans to see their team in away games!

Organized fan movements were put on hold once again thanks to hooligans. PAO issued a statement supporting such a ban.

Great. :angry:

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Oh well, if they manage to get these idiots off the stadiums for good the football world would be a happy place.

-1 for the team that won't have much needed support in away games. PAE should just find a way to isolate them because they hurt the club and prevent other nice fans from enjoying their team.

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pao123, Salpi was v.good. Katsouranis was great at the start of the season (domestically only), Vintra was impressive for the most part, and Tzorva was good too. But simply being "good" doesn't win you the league unless everyone else is abysmal. Let me give an example of what I mean. Did you see our goals against Kavala? The first was a good ball to Cisse by Ninis. Who was supporting Cisse? No one, he had to to it all himself. It wasn't as if Leto was in support and drew a marker. It was simply good ball over the top and Cisse did the rest. Then the equaliser: it was an average cross, not a top class delivery, just an average cross and Cisse jumped and headed the ball in such an unusual way. He literally improvised his jump to get his head on the ball. It was class. So yes it's a team game but how would we cope without him? Messi scored an awful lot last year, do you think they would struggle without him? The only reason we won the league last year was because everyone else was horrible and we had Cisse. I wish that wasn't the case but it's not a coincidence that we can't beat strong-ish teams.

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i just dont agree with you...plain and simple...one player doesnt win you the championship...thats not the way football works

yeah, ninis did his job, controlling the ball in the midfield and playing a very good ball to cisse who did his job and made a nice runs behind the defender and finished..

i can go through the second goal too, he made an excpetional finish, thats his job, he is a class player, but we have others that did the job for us last year as well....its pointless arguing bc you obviously see thing one way, and i see them the other...everyone has a role on the pitch, half of cisse goals last year were balls played through to him towards the right side of the box and him finishing them into the bottom corner or leto and spyropoulos doing the work on the left and flooding him with crosses to finish...to get that ball to him is just as important as him finishing it...our team made some great combination plays last year to give cisse the opportunity...

go back, look at the goals, cisse didnt start them from scratch, the team made most of the opportinties that he was there to finish...everyone has a role on the team and for the most part there werent many games last year where we were actually poor as a team...the championship isnt won in the derbies anyway, its won by unlocking the smaller teams, which is exactly what we did last year..we dominated most of the derbies anyway even if we didnt get max points...

as i said, this is pointless, you have one opinion and i dont share it...i just think the negativity is astounding considering we are only three games into the season..we are all frustrated with the season so far, but thats no reason to start being negative or knock the TEAM that won well deserved double last year...

if i didnt know better, id think you were a gavro :D

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relax re, we're only exchanging opinions? I'm not trying to forcibly convince you or anything.

I understand what you're saying. The whole team contributed. I mean if you put Cisse in the Panserraikos team they wouldn't win the league which proves this is a team game. I get that. But I also look at it this way. Would we have won the league without Katsouranis last year? So let's say Simao was there with Gilberto instead? Probably. Without Ninis? Probably. Without Leto? Propbably. Without Cisse? No. That's all i'm saying. What Gignac did for Toulouse, Bent does for Sunderland, Van Persie did for Arsenal pre-Chamakh, Aliev does for Lokomotiv Moscow, is what Cisse does for us. To be a genuinely strong team we can't be so reliant on one man. It's just an opinion and we'll see how it pans out

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