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Lack of Interest?

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you know how it goes mate ...

its all up to the users

The forums are what the users make them and we already have a great success in achieveing to have so many different (rival) team fans and so many national subfums going on with a great level of communication ...

Some smaller forums have permanent interest, some seasonal ... some none ...

With pain, anxiety and many fights, we managed to create a forum that can host Greeks and Turks or Olympiakos, AEK, PAOK, Aris and PAO fans only with minor incidents of friction, and this meant that for many years we were small in numbers

However, people who are willing to stay on for the "quality" and not for the quantity, are getting more and more in numbers

And slowly these forums are also lively and fun to follow as they now do move faster and get filled with many interesting pieces of info ...

Now, if some smaller forums are slow, is either because its natural, or because they were creates for 1-2 users and now real life may have taken them out of so much internet presence, as it happens with all of us

No worries ...

First of all its our pleasure to have a Forum even for one Friend, because each and every one of our members deserves to have a forum that satisfies his sporting interests ... and if that person has time or the willingness and patience to stick to it, he will bring people in eventually

Secondly... when something is low in traffic its OK ... as I said peole are the ones who decide what they want to talk about and this is a platform that allows for exactly that ...

Sorry for the long post but you gave me the opportunity to say these things with your post ...

I want to remind people what we stand for from time to time

And thank everybody for what we all managed to make this Forum .

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lack of interest......

SPL doesnt offer much more than Rangers- Celtic IMO.

maybe its time to relegate SPL to the "other leagues" section.....a bit of a revamp would be nice actually

Scottish League, Austrian League and Czech league (Ziaka left, interest is pretty much gone) should be relegated to other leagues..

and seriously - the Spanish League dooesnt have its own (on the main page?)

I totally think that would be an instance of "if you build it it will come" (as a ref to a bad Kevin Costner movie) ........cant have the Spanish league not there while the austrian, czech and scottish are outthere with no discussions in a year...

I say relegate those 3 mentioned and promote Spanish League, MLS and Portuguese League to the main page - they are actually having more recent posts, and Spanish league MUST be on the front.. its been the same for many years I feel, and its absolutley in need of a refreshment , because these leagues get so little discussion, and visibility is actually big part of it, weather people want to beleive it or not.

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i knew this would happen.. :tup:

i made a silly silly comment on purpose to bring everyone on! B)

and it's so good that Phantis members got the bait! we have new ideas coming up now.. :whistle:

i'll go along with drako's suggestion.. my view may not be the most valid, but it's at least worth mentioning.. :la:

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