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NBA: Pre-Draft Selection and Greek interest

by Chris Mammides - May 17, 2008

Just some hours ago there was the official announcement in regards to the Pre-Draft selection in both NCAA and international players. In regards to the Greek interest now, the Greek basketball is proudly represented in this pre-selection not only with one representative but with three!!

The older brother of Kalathis family, Pat Kalathis (208-G/F-85) was selected in the 11th place of the specific list, the St' Joseph's graduate had a wonderful fourth season in the NCAA and lead his team in both scoring and rebounding. Pat was really the key for his team and in many games was the major stand out of St. Joseph. The Greek small forward ranked in the 11th position among all the NCAA Seniors and at the 9th position as a top performer small forward in all the NCAA competition. Pat, who was born in December of 1985, is setting as a goal his participation in the Hellenic National team. During his 4th and final season in the NCAA, he had 17.5 points per game, 7.5 rebounds per game, 2.7 assists, 1.2 steals per game and 1.3 blocks per game.

In regards to the top centers rankings for the season 2007-2008, Kosta Koufos (213-F/C-89) ranked second, Brooke Lopez was the no.1

As far as the International rankings concern now, in regards to the 1987 born, Dimitris Verginis (194-G-87) was ranked 26th among players allover the world, in the same division, Milos Teodosic ranked 9th. Furthermore, in the International rankings in regards to the 1986 born, Nikola Pekovic (210-C-86) the new center of Panathinaikos ranked at the first position, while the Greek Serbian point guard Igor Milosevic (193-G-86) ranked in the 11th position and the Greek Serbian small forward Dusan Sakota (209-F-86) in the 16th position.

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