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Who will go all the way??  

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  1. 1. Who will go all the way??

    • Celtics
    • Lakers
    • Suns
    • Spurs
    • Detroit
    • Cavaliers
    • Magic
    • Hornets
    • Mavericks
    • Wizards

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I don't know if you watched the game, but the Celtics crushed LA tonight. They're the champions! What a game and what a way to win!

I know I can't change the minds of some people here (and many in Greece) that a great sport can be enjoyed by everyone without violence and all the crap we're used to seeing in Greece.

The atmosphere was superb!! I'd compare the Boston fans and the Celtics arena to any sport. And, yes (why not?) LA fans were present and could watch their favorite team unmolested. That's sportsmanship. As long as those few who destroyed the Greek basketball finals are allowed to dominate the experience, then everyone loses--the sport and the fans.

So, Celtics win this one 4-2, shutting up all those who said Cobe, the "best of the best", would not allow the greens to get this one.

It feels sweet, since 1986!!!!!!!!! I remember that year well.... The great team of Bird, McHale, Johnson, Ainge, Parish, Walton, etc., probably one of the very best teams ever.

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