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Posting YouTube videos on Phantis



Because I've noticed that some people are still having problems with it, I decided to make this topic and try to clarify it once and for all. Please if you don't understand something post your questions here or PM me.

The first post is in Greek, and it was originally written by Lazarus, so full credit goes to him! The second post in this thread is the same guide but translated into English by me.

Here we go:

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Ok here's the English version:

How to post YouTube videos on Phantis!

  • For a YouTube video, you have to place the YouTube codenumber in between the following tags:

    [YOUTUBE]YouTube codenumber[/YOUTUBE]

    For example: here's a URL from Youtube -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MdUdlR7XfAw

    The YouTube code in the URL is what comes behind the “=”, in this case that is MdUdlR7XfAw

    Now we place that code in between the tags...

    ...with as result...

  • You can also use the associated buttons YOUTUBE when you post (buttons; Quote--Code--List--Youtube). You click it once for
    then you paste the YouTube codenumber MdUdlR7XfAw and you click it again, with the following result:

  • An other way to post the YouTube video is to just simply copy paste the URL to where you’re typing your message, then highlight the URL, and then click the YouTube button just once. The YouTube tags will then automatically be put in the right place. It’s up to you to choose which way is easiest.
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