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Sorry to bother you again ,

I want to know something about Greek Cup

Who decide the fourth team on round 3 ?

I am a scarf collector and i want to know if someone help me to find some greek scarf ( at the moment I have Paok,Olimpiakos,AEK,Ergolitis,OFI,Panathinaikos )

thanks in advance

Lorenzo Pecci -Florence Italy

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about the scarf:

what team would you want? the best place obviously is outside the stadium on gameday....

if youre visiting Greece again, go to a match and youll find....if u cant be around for a match, go to Monastiraki in Athens, and head into the big bazaar like strip eventually there is a football/sports shop on your right, they have scarfs of most Greek teams major and smaller, for example I got an Apollon Athinon Scarf there (now they went down into 4th but they used to be in top division a decade ago :( )

They should also have most of the Superleague and several 2nd division teams.

For Online:


they have mostly the teams you listed but they have Aris which you dont have...here they are



and you can throw away your Olympiakos one ;) e' per carta igenica :LOL:

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