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  1. Ahh ok I get sorry the heat is causing me to be a bit slow. Tbh they should have had it where all group winners went into a final knockout tournament (16 teams) then the winner and maybe runners up get automatic qualification to the Euros. That way it's a lot more interesting. And teams that aren't that commited as they're sure of qualifying the normal route will field weaker teams and give smaller nations a chance. The way it is now all the group A winners will more than likely quality automatically and UEFA will keep having to pass it down the table, probably to the team that came last in group A. Stupid.
  2. Ha ha, no re hold the onions! I looked on Wikipedia and previously there was some sort of knock out phase for the Nation's League. But tbh the tournament is such a confusing mess I might have got the wrong end of the stick.
  3. Wow I've been trying to make an account for 2 years and finally have succeeded! Just wanted to say will Greece play in a Nations League final tournament now they've won their group?
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