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  1. Highlights from the game; https://youtu.be/hMJ0fDd_h6w?si=_p_H-NyLNazscC6K The offside goal looked onside to me, even watching it on the replay through VAR. If your talking a few centimetres let the goal stand FFS!
  2. We've always struggled when playing teams packed full of mavrous. 3-0 I've seen enough.
  3. 2-0 Have we forgotten how to defend? Ball was crossed by Dutch unmarked in the penalty box brings the ball down and shoots, easy goal.
  4. The game is on TV in the UK if you have Sky, on the Viaplay Xtra HD, channel number 420
  5. Highlights. Very harsh to let them retake the penalty the infringement was microscopic and probably amounts to a millisecond of time. Also notice the ref literally throwing around yellow and red cards. On the red later on he first shows a red and then a yellow. He was just so card happy he didn't know what he was doing!
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