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  1. Georgia is on the brink ATM. I remember Denmark were allowed into Euro 92 after Yugoslavia were banned, they famously went onto win the tournament.
  2. That's annoying Baldock being booked so early, we don't need any game changing silly early red cards.
  3. Early kick off for this game. I was hoping to watch it but I'll be stuck at work. Hope to god we can do it!
  4. If anyone's interested, Viaplay in the UK are showing the game on Sky £14.99 a month cancel anytime.
  5. Was just looking to purchase our shirt and came across this, have we worn it yet?
  6. If we can show the same killer instinct up front as we did against Kazakhstan, Georgia won't stand a chance.
  7. Kazakhstan were just crap. We bossed them. How comes Georgia gets to play both their ties at home?
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