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  1. 15 hours ago, paokarag4 said:

    I think Tzimas will rotate through the starting XI with Samatta gone, agree with you pash maybe it will only end be being 20-30 minute cameos off the bench but still some solid minutes for him. 

    I think Despodov can play as a striker too (think I've read he has done so for his old club and occasionally for Bulgarian NT) so he may also come into calculations. 

    That’s where I play Despodov in football manager

  2. To be honest I’d rather play without fans. We are the better team on paper. We should win w/ or without fans. As people mentioned , if one little thing goes wrong and our “fans” do something stupid, could cost us points for the title run

  3. Draw for first knockout round will be on December 18th. We will be excluded from the draw obviously but we will play one of the winners of the draw


    In the draw for the round of 16, the eight group winners are seeded, and the eight winners of the knockout round play-offs are unseeded. Again, the seeded teams are drawn against the unseeded teams, with the seeded teams hosting the second leg. Teams from the same association cannot be drawn against each other.


    So we will be hosting on March 14th. Would be nice to get an easy draw so we can make the QF. Imagine an Oly - PAOK QF

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