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  1. 8 hours ago, Bananas said:

    Good point Athens.  We haven't had a proper striker all season so all things considered we've done pretty darn good.  Hopefully we can secure 3rd spot but it won't be easy with the gavroi breathing down our necks.

    I'm sorry but if we don't finish top 3 I am not sure how we can say the season didn't go poorly. Whose fault is it we didn't have a proper striker? It's not like someone was randomly taken from us and we had to make due. We failed in the cup, we had a good European run but fizzled out embarrassingly while OLY is the talk of the competition. And in the league, if we don't make Europe, that would be a horrendous failure which yes, we will not be able to recruit good players and next year would even be worse. 

  2. 15 hours ago, paokarag4 said:

    PAO isn't a threat IMO for the title. They shot themselves in the foot by sacking Jovanovic. AEK losing was the best result for us. 

    We now go to the OPAP Arena where a point is good result, a win is an unbelievable result. The issue is, as Blackhawk points out is finding a way to beat AEK. We match-up poorly and their pressing causes us all sorts of problems, especially when we play away.

    Lucescu needs to come up with a way in which we can beat their press or give them the ball and press them back. Because us building up from the back is inviting pressure and AEK will feed off our errors. 

    As a former Connecticut Coach of the Year, I have to say this is a great strategy. Play American style, kick and run. The worst is when we build the ball 4-5 minutes, keep possession then play to the GK or CB and a turnover leads to a goal. We keep possession but for most part its without a purpose. As my Aussie brother says, they're gonna high press and attack. They need to win. We can catch them off guard in one on one situations. 

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