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  1. Lol. Could sell the whole squad and get nowhere near it
  2. Realised Wague burger don't taste so good.
  3. Made a lot of sense considering the "system" he plays. He is not a CF. Having said that, the "system" is the problem not Pelkas. Something has to give when you play with 3 centre backs. Pelkas is an attacking mid that should be part of a 3 man midfield in a 4-3-3 or 4-2-1-3 if you like.
  4. Nothing worse than losing to an inferior team. All self inflicted. 3 centre backs with 1 midfielder down. Clown lineup. Coach has to go.
  5. Understandable performance given the number of changes and new players. However, under this system we are effectively playing a midfielder short. Not a fan.
  6. We'll need to score 3 or 4 as i can't see us keeping a clean sheet.
  7. Very winnable but should have been in a better position after this match.
  8. I too loved Matos for what he gave to the team, however Ferreira has the right to select his own players. There are no excuses that way, he will succeed or fail depending on his own decisions and be judged accordingly.
  9. Looking at it again probably nothing. He did play against us for Lokomotiva a few years ago, think it stems from that. There are reports that we're in for him as a right back, looks decent...we'll see how it plays out.
  10. Selling Limnio is great business. Replaced him with a better player while adding money to the bank. Selling Giannouli is more problematic as he is of higher quality and harder to replace. Sign him up to a long term contract, hopfeully adds to his reputation in Europe this season, sell him for more next year.
  11. Congratulations to the team on a very good performance to be proud of. We played with balls today and credit for that goes to our coach. Everything I've seen from him so far shows he's a class act. Having said that, hopefully we learn our lesson, and actually try in the Europa League this season to boost our ranking. Its a shame that we're out of CL while seeing some of the teams left in the draw.
  12. Leaving Biseswar out would be a disaster. His creativity is vital if we are to create chances to score. I would play a genuine 4-4-2 with Swiderski joining Akpom up front. Pelka to the bench. Rest of the team unchanged.
  13. Result is ok...The way we conceded affected our mindset. The one time we took them on down the left with Limnio we almost scored. We weren't daring enough in 2nd half but considering the opposition it's understandable. We are paying for our s%$#! efforts last season by having to play the likes of Ajax as an unseeded team. Need a miracle in 2nd leg.
  14. Well done to Giannouli for bouncing back from his shaky start. He's very dangerous on the left, Bieseswar has been excellent, everything he does results in positive outcome for the team. Ajax very shaky at the back, there are more goals in this match, hopefully they come for us.
  15. https://inpaok.com/580615/provlima-sti-metadosi-logo-revmatos/
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