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  1. ^^ I just hope we can hold on to him past this season.
  2. Huge win, outplayed them for most of the game. Helps that Lambropoulos had a great game.
  3. No reason we cant win this one
  4. Points dropped to the second last team...
  5. Fair enough, didn't really mean to imply that.
  6. Win for PAO yesterday puts more pressure on us to win this. Still early but maybe they're starting to gel too? Normally I'm a bit worried when we head up north to play Ira but they don't look like much of a threat this year. We should take this one.
  7. I only heard the game on the radio. Would those of you who watched it say that anyone looked particularly weak out there? I noticed earlier this season there seemed to always be a couple players who looked really weak, but it sounds like that hasn't been the case these past two games (though I guess our defense hasn't been truly been tested in a little while)
  8. Vinicius is in, along with Kolovetsios. Didac and Lambropoulos out
  9. Barkas didac Lambropoulos Vranjes Galo Ajdarevic Johansson Mantalos Araujo Lazaros pekhart thiugh I can't tell how far up Araujo is playing since I'm listening to the radio
  10. Last placed team in the league, and we've been looking better at home with Manolo. Surely we can expect to win this one?
  11. GOAL! Apparently it was a nice shot?
  12. Araujo already in the starting 11 for the the game against Levadeiakos today.
  13. Got my new jersey (the black one) a few weeks ago. Love it as much as I thought I would.. just wondering, has anyone had any issues with the logo after washing the jerseys? I wouldn't put it in the drier, but Im wondering if the washing machine would affect anything (Im guessing it would be fine..)
  14. I read a day or two ago that Platellas was having some issues, not sure if its a small injury or something like that.
  15. Looks like Diaz and Galanopoulos are starting this one. Barkas in goal too.
  16. Not a good game at all from us, really lacking creativity going forward today. I rarely saw an attack that didn't come from a hopeful high ball into the box (most of which ended in the hand of Panionios' keeper...). Might've been a bit better if we had Patito in but like AEK365's headline said, if you wanna win the league you have to win these games...
  17. Seems to work so far : http://sports-prime.blogspot.gr/2016/10/aek-athens-vs-panionios-2030.html Damn didnt notice the bar in the middle of the screen
  18. Apparently Lazaros got a red on the way out too?
  19. This one works for me: http://monoaek24.blogspot.gr/p/live-stream-aek.html It wasnt working in opera browser, I switched to chrome and it works nicely
  20. Still nothing finalised on this... the longer we wait the more pressure on us to find some replacements. Plus 700K is a terrible move like mentioned above. No reason to sell him if thats all we're getting. Its a decent amount of money but its not going to buy anyone better than Barbosa for the position...
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