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  1. Unfortunately Im with Dikefale, I don't see us making any considerable moves
  2. Talk of Barbosa going to Arruabarena's club in the UAE is heating up some more. I'm reading something about 2 million euros. Would hate to see him leave, but that is good money that could go towards other players... IF that money is used wisely then it could work out for us, but if they're gonna be stupid about it and either not spend it, or spend it on players we don't need, then I'd much rather we just hold on to Barbosa.
  3. So close for Barbosa! Crap, didnt want that posted twice...
  4. At least we still have some decent options on the bench. Would be an amazing time for Bakaseta to make a statement.
  5. Well it sounds like the whole bottom section is pretty much full, or the final bottom section gate is currently in the process of selling. So I'm thinking that should probably be somewhere between 20K and 30K? I never really figured out how many people the two tiers at OAKA hold.
  6. Sounds like Johansson is in better shape now according to AEK365
  7. Haha, I was at both of those too. But then again I was also there for Milan and Benfica.
  8. Second level is opening after the bottom has now sold out. And theres still a couple days to go. Definitely gonna be a great crowd. Would give anything for the chance to watch a European game again at the stadium.
  9. Hahaha, yeah its me! Thats a great point about keeping the core players. Guys like Johansson, Simoes, etc, they're the perfect guys to build the team around. We can complain here and there about the lack of signings but the team also deserves credit for keeping so many of these players around (not easy given the state of Greek football) despite the fact they probably could have fetched some decent offers from abroad.
  10. I was going to say the same. He looked solid the whole time, no-nonsense kind of CB which I like to see. Great in the air too.
  11. Couple half decent chances for us so far by the sounds of things, couple shots and we've had a corner too. Seems like we're holding our ground pretty well. Simoes had a bit of a scary moment, seemed like he might have been injured but he continued.
  12. Yeah: Anestis, Galo, Didac, Kolovetsios, Chyrgyrinsky, Simoes, Johansson, Barbosa, Vargas, Mantalos, and Pekhart. Now that I look at it its basically exactly what Dikefale posted above.
  13. Not a bad signing at all. Curious though what's gonna happen with our goalkeeper situtation, do they plan on going for a foreign keeper as well or is Barkas in the plans to be the starter?
  14. Anyone familiar with Georgi Loria from his time in Greece? Supposedly hes likely to sign for us.. http://www.aek365.com/a-462694/sthn-aek-o-loria.htm
  15. Looks like hes close to signing for 2 years, just headed back to the offices.
  16. Apparently he'll be in Athens tomorrow afternoon. I'm just glad we're singing someone sooner rather than later.
  17. Today was the last time Nikos Pantazis would be on our bench. The guy has been with us since 1972 if I read correctly. Still remember the look on his face after we were officially relegated. http://www.gazzetta.gr/football/article/929941/teleytaio-mats-toy-nikoy-pantazi
  18. AEKAlex

    AEK BC

    Huge win today against PAOK in Thessaloniki. Part of me knew we would be able to force the third game, when we're in form we can definitely keep up with PAOK. Third match back in Athens, a little more than a week from now. We definitely have a chance but we give PAOK an inch of space and they'll make us pay, especially if Vasieliadis is having a good game.
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