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  1. I think Greeks have become or have been neurotic for a long time. With our capital city being built around the Parthenon, it is a daily reminder to the people that we were a great and advanced nation. The problem is, the current generations still think we are. This is evident in the way we vote, the way the public sector is run, the way corruption and nepotism are mainstays in the culture, and the idol worship of football owners, faction leaders, celebrities, and the like. Our history hangs over us and makes us feel insecure. We don't do great things, we live in the past were we did great things. Media companies, and those who own them, love this because they appeal to those insecurities. Instead of doing the right thing, doing things that work, making tough decisions, we throw tantrums and react emotionally by giving power to RIGHT WING FASCISTS, for example. Even when we all agree about something we assume someone else will fix it. If it isn't fixed, we blame the system. In the mean time the oligopolies and monopolies, and the same families behind them, gain more power. There are clever people in Greece, there are creatives, entrepreneurs, philosophers, teachers, intellectuals, but they are all drowned out by stupidity, blind faction loyalty, nepotism, greed and the establishment. I'm not sure if this was done by accident, a result of our environment, but it is quite clear when every political faction and every political leader talks about change and improvement yet the same thing happens every time and the people are either satisfied, in denial or feel powerless for any meaningful change. Varoufakis was one of these renegade rebels that didn't play by the rules and people where drawn to him because he was something different. Someone who stood up against the austerity. Someone who stood up for the people, who stood up for what the people deep down wanted to do, to stand up to the iron grip of pervasive austerity and authoritarianism. But people invested too much in him and he was taken out anyway because he was too extreme for the E.U. He was a big risk for the wealthy of the Eurozone because he spoke more sense than they did. We are worse off having taken extraordinary amounts of bailout money since the start of the crisis, and he was right. No one actually wanted to help Greece, they wanted to help their own influential interests. In order to see this you have to look at the underlying ideology, instead of what is being presented to you. Maybe Tsipras really was another Fidel Castro revolutionary. Maybe he did believe what he said before getting into power. But what has he done any different than any of the previous leaders? Nothing. No one asks why. One faction blindly follows him, previous supporters are disillusioned, another says he's a dirty communist, another says that immigrants are the problem, all vying for power the cycle repeats itself.
  2. Previously known as Manolara_Aekara. Gratz on the modship Che. So what's our club philosophy and/or club mission statement under Melisanidis lads?
  3. The League is garbage and will forever be garbage with this toxic system in place. Wow! Oly can hold their own in single games against big clubs that play 50 games a season and actually reach a quarter final, semi final or final! What an achievement! It's not like Panathinaikos ever used to reach semi finals or quarter finals, or the AEK of old. Now we're satisfied with the "Thrynos" of Greek football winning single games against big clubs in Europe having featured in one quarter finals appearance from two decades of constant European appearances.
  4. If Dusan was responsible for the sacking he should F*** off. If Melissanidi was responsible for the sacking, he should manage the team. Same backward Greek mentality as usual, firing coaches after one loss or just because.
  5. They should add another star on their jersey for that accomplishment so they can have 10 to Bayern's 4.
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