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  1. Όλα τα συνηθισμένα βλέπω ξανά εδώ! Watching Greek football in Australia has never been tougher. I'm back!
  2. I like the sound of Martins. Has a good reputation in Portugal.
  3. looks like a busy window for us, but I'm not sure how much progress we are making.
  4. ^^ The more quality players from overseas purchased challenges the locals to lift their levels to compete for spots and to play against weekly. In England they have the foreign legion coming in every season and they represent the top 25% of players in the league. Game time doesnt equal growth. Growth is achieved from guidance, instruction and practise. Game time is the practise, but you can often learn the wrong things practising the wrong way.
  5. Quick question, how do you watch our games be it live or replay? the footage in Australia has gone backwards, and live radio appears to be the only way to watch. You knew it was going to be said by opposition fans as soon as you saw the super slow motion replay that was inconclusive. If you see things that you want to see, don't expect other people to. Disregard it and move one, when a super slow motion replay can barely see it, but let me say your next argument for you. They always go the way of Olympiakos. Blah blah blah. The games are as dirty or clean as you want them to be. The referreeing has been garbage in Greece for years. Sometimes they are good, most of the time they are hopeless, and often people get annoyed for no good reason.
  6. I think that all of these are fair points. Odds are the salary is being overstated. Generally these times of years the first step in competing begins. Who wins the transfer window? Even so, you are correct about spreading the love around, which is something that is intangible as yet. The entire budget might lift to similar levels (unlikely but possible) so its a wait and see scenario. IMHO, you take a big risk spending on a big transfer regardless. That player is under immense pressure to perform and make the difference, and usually the value you pay for said player diminishes the more you had to pay to get them in as on some level there is a cheaper alternative that could do a similar (perhaps not as comprehensive) job. In any case, this could be a make or break signing. Good or disastrous, but even if disastrous, it will probably sell a few shirts.
  7. Its alright boys, Im back too. Ill try and bring back a few of the others. They all fled to an Olympiakos forum about 6 months to a year before gs.com went under so its going to be hard to bring them over.
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