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  1. Only 1-0. They are lucky even when they lose.
  2. The absolute decay of the Greek state: Here is the... anonymous complaint that mobilized the EEA against PAOK! To laugh or to cry with the practices of directed state apparatuses? See the document that EEA included as... reliable in the file to call PAOK PAOK to apologize. SDNA reveals. https://www.sdna.gr/podosfairo/1027057_i-apolyti-xeftila-toy-kratoys-idoy-i-anonymi-kataggelia-poy-kinitopoiise-tin-eea
  3. The Guardian about Mitsotakis, Marinakis, involving the corruption of Olympiakos as well! What is happening in our country is taking on international dimensions with surveillance and public threats against the government. In today's article, the Guardian explains what happened with Olympiakos and how it developed into a political power game between Marinakis and Mitsotakis. With an op-ed in today's Guardian, which is even signed by the internationally renowned Alexander Clapp (finalist in 2020 for the Pulitzer Prize), the surveillance scandal in our country and the threats against the government come to the fore. What is even more remarkable is that extensive reference is made to Vangelis Marinakis and Kyriakos Mitsotakis, with Olympiakos firmly in the... plan! https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2022/nov/21/oligarch-prime-minister-greece-spyware-allegations https://www.sdna.gr/politiko-deltio/ellada/1027028_kolafos-o-guardian-gia-mitsotaki-marinaki-emplekontas-kai-ton
  4. PAOK FC club statement The moment we were all waiting for… The Professional Sports Committe (EEA), of Tzoulakis and Arkoudis, the favorite tool of Lefteris Avgenakis, has sought to find its moment to attempt to take revenge on PAOK for their international humiliation at the Court of Arbritration for Sport (CAS) regarding the so-called multi-ownership scheme in the case that they tried to set up against the club. Today, the trustees of the Professional Sports Comiittee (EEA) have called PAOK to provide explanations regarding the personal case of Giorgos Savvidis, something that PAOK knows absolutely nothing about. In any case, the outcome for them will be the same, however, we draw attention once again to Lefteris Avgenakis, who chooses a vendetta with PAOK. PAOK proved to you that it is both morally and legally protected, in order not to allow you to try and carry out your pre-election initiatives. Now, it is a matter of honor for us your political punishment and your definitive departure from the country’s sporting scene, as the most spiteful and dangerous deputy minister of sports in history. Already your tenure in your position causes us great surprise and dissatisfaction with the government, which allows you to ridicule equality, the institutions and unfortunately also your birthplace. https://www.paokfc.gr/en/news/20221117-anakoinosi-pae-paok/
  5. I wonder why Giorgos Savvidis left. Any reasonable explanation?
  6. https://www.sdna.gr/podosfairo/1025204_paok-pos-odigithike-stin-epilogi-anastasiadi Angelos Anastasiadis back to PAOK as 2nd Vice-President. Changes to the Board of Directors of PAOK PAOK after the restructuring - Departure of Giorgos Savvidis and three others, return of Angelos Anastasiadis to Thessaloniki as 2nd Vice President and responsible for the project of the new sports center.
  7. https://www.sdna.gr/podosfairo/1024692_fiasko-toy-aiona-skepseis-ston-olympiako-gia-lysi-synergasias-me-marselo XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
  8. That they have not a good team. Almost the 50% of their wins were lucky wins. Panathinaikos - Ionikos (1-0). <- Goal with an unclear penalty. Lucky win. Panathinaikos - Levadiakos (1-0) <- Lucky win. A red card for Levadiakos. PAOK - Panathinaikos (1-2) <- here PAOK played much better at the 1st half and didn't score. Lucky win. Panathinaikos - Asteras (1-0) <- Goal at 80' and Asteras got a red card. Lucky win. Panathinaikos - Aris (1-0) <- Aris got a red card. Pao scores at 90+2'. Lucky win. Panathinaikos - Olympiacos (1-1) <- Oly played much better. Pao scores at the last minute with a unclear penalty. Lucky draw. Panetolikos - Panathinaikos (0-1) <- Goal at 80'. Lucky win. Panathinaikos - Atromitos (2-0) <- Atromitos got a red card since 36'. Lucky win. Pao is a fraud. In conclusion, Pao has 37 points when they should have between 25 and 29 MAXIMUM. That luck of winning with trouble cannot last much longer. On the other hand, we had two stupid games against Levadiakos and OFI where we lost 4 points. If we weren't unlucky, we would be right now with 29 points, sharing leadership with AEK.
  9. Why? We are just -4 from AEK, who is "fighting for the title". We aren't we? After christmas we have all derbies (except PAO) at home. On the other hand, PAO will not last this winning streak. At some point PAO will start losing points. Normally in football, when a team that is doing so well begins to lose points, it is psychologically affected and "deflates". In addition, honestly I dont think PAO has the best team in Greece right now.We played much better than them at the 1st half, and Olympiacos played much better against them and deserved to win.
  10. Metrosport saying PAOK will fight for the 2nd position. https://www.metrosport.gr/mpike-sto-kolpo-gia-tin-deyteri-thesi-kai-to-ch-l-669159 I disagree. PAOK will fight for the title.
  11. No home games until 2023! PAOK will return to Toumba in 2023 as the team will play three consecutive games away in December for the championship and the Cup. https://www.sdna.gr/podosfairo/1024271_paok-tria-paihnidia-ektos-edras-toympa-next-year
  12. What does the Greek (or international) press say about PAOK today? Post it here.
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