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  1. Our performance: Barkas 6 - Torosidis 5 (Bakakis 5), Manolas 6, Sokratis 5.5, Stafylidis 5 - Bouchalakis 5, Vrousai 5.5, Kourbelis 5.5 - Masouras 5, Koulouris 4.5 (Pavlidis 5.5), Kolovos 4.5 (Pelkas 5). A wholly mediocre production. Defense was okay in the first half. Then they conceded a penalty. In midfield we missed Zeca IMO. In the attacking third,  we did nothing, except for some flashes from Vrousai and Pavlidis.

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  2. I would have been so glad if we could have qualify for the Euros. Now we can watch the t' Schip disaster. (I hope the players prove me wrong, but for the moment I dont trust neither them nor the head coach fully.)

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  3. I mean, there is a famous candidate who would be a not altogether bad choice (Magath is known for his strictness, he would instill some discipline into the team) but they choose a relatively unknown coach because he is cheaper. Dammit, their forerunners met Rehhagels financial demands in 2001 (his demands were quite high, I guess) and the Ethniki profited a lot from this decision. Why cannot Grammenos and his men think reasonably?

  4. 1 hour ago, Ellada2004 said:

    According to agonasport looks like the EPO will hire Van't Schip at there next board of directors meeting on July 31.

    Also says Aron Winter, whos involved with Ajax coaching system will be named his direct assistant. 

    Agonasport also says: "The well-known Felix Magath, ex-coach of Konstantinos Mitroglou at Fulham, was considered a candidate by the EPO but his financial demands are too high."

    That is EPO all over.

  5. I wasnt clear enough: I mean the candidates mentioned in an article on Agonasport: Di Biagio, Paciencia, Iachini, Jimenez, Dellas, and Ouzounidis, and Van Schip.

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