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  1. The Greek political system purports to be a representative democracy. The "mandate" was given 6 months ago now have the fortitude to exercise it. Make no mistake, the referendum is a political gambit with self-preservation at its core. While the Troika proposals fall short because they do not provide for debt relief, Tsipras should have rejected it out of hand and moved forward with whatever plan (if any) they have for the future. Preserving the public sector at the continued expense of the private sector will not be the answer.
  2. The problem with Tsipras and his government is the same problem with just about every other Greek political leader, they refuse to make the big decisions when their political future is at stake. Elections were held 5 months ago and they received their mandate. Calling for a referendum is a cop-out, placing the burden on the people as opposed to the government the people elected. The people elected you now make the tough decisions that you think are in the best interest of the country without worrying about your political future. Unfortunately the political system in Greece is incapable or unw
  3. I read that even though the Council of State has overruled the municipalities objections to the plans, there still must be an environmental impact study completed by the Interior Ministry. From what I read, the Minister of Interior is not in favor of the project and could refuse to issue the appropriate approvals.
  4. I think you still need to be patient. Going on a spending spree is not the strategy current management looks like they will follow. In order to run a tight ship financially, it appears to be a gradual approach although I suspect they will try and bring in a bigger name just may not be the very biggest out there. As there are still multiple needs, it would be reckless to address only one by throwing money at it.
  5. Thankfully the relegation odyssey is now over. Dellas should now empty the bench and see what else he has on hand and what else will be needed for next season. I think it is premature to start speculating about next season and where the team must finish in order for it to be a success. To avoid the mistakes of the past (player and financial) the team and management needs to continue what it has done these past 2 years which is to improve, but improve intelligently and build for the long term and not just one season. Spending large amounts of money does not necessarily lead to success on the pi
  6. One is not exclusive of the other. Corruption can feed hooliganism and both can exist independent of each other. Guys who run on the field should be arrested and imprisoned. Its the only way it will stop. Corruption is a lot harder to effectively root out. It would have to start with an EPO that is truly independent of team owners.
  7. Any word if it will be two games a week until the end of May? Hope they come out the gate firing on all cylinders to put this playoff to rest as quickly as possible.
  8. Starting off by beating the second place team would put us in prime position to clinch this thing as quickly as possible. Would be nice to win right out the gate and not have any surprises. Hopefully there will be some meaningless games towards the end because promotion is already assured and players riding the bench can be given a chance to show something. Again, just keep winning and good things will continue to happen.
  9. Hopefully will be another win followed by early wins in the playoffs to lock up promotion immediately and give some guys riding the bench a chance to show whether they should stick around.
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