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  1. Well I agree there; he has good skills, strong and quick. Why he stays at Celtic is just beyond me. It seems like he's had his time there so he should just move on. And anyhow his playing style would be better back in Holland, France or even Italy.
  2. He really should go to a league that suits his style of play; the Brits don't so I see no reason for him to continue in England or Scotland...Spain would be better for him but so would Italy. I'm sure he would do very well in Serie A.
  3. I don't really think a move to West Ham would be better for him; I think he should try another league that suits his style of play better. He developed playing in Holland and explained in an interview that he had to re-adjust his playing style to the Premiership. I think he would work better in Italy.
  4. Well his mullet is supposedly almost back so it might just work out for him in the end...if not, there are plenty of other teams who will be more than interested this summer.
  5. :LOL: Looking forward to the games!
  6. Wow, why did he not work out at Bayer? Portsmouth could very well be good for him though, I can see him doing well in the Premiership with his style of play. And Basinas?
  7. And he just recently played for 15 - 20 minutes, so he's coming back which is good.
  8. Wooopee we got some Iranian guys opinion on the NT which is no more significant than Kermit the Frogs. Karagounis can play a full '90; give me a break. Beckham better than Basinas? Are you kidding? Why because he appears in ads? Because he lives in Hollywood? Because he's married to a self absorbed stick figure w/ plastic tits? Basinas at his best is much better than over hyped Beckham. And I don't think he's a "way better" player than Kats or Kara for that matter.
  9. Say ooh aaa SAMARAS say oo aa SAMARAS! :tup:
  10. What he does w/ the NT largely depends on how Otto uses him and which players he puts on the team.
  11. BRAVO Samaras! :tup: I'm glad I don't have to defend him anymore! And its just the beginning of the season...
  12. He's doing good and it doesn't surprise me. zag7 yeah the NT midfield can't support him or any of the strikers properly because there IS no midfield. Thats entirely Ottos fault for not playing the guys that are necessary. Look he's got Ninis in there and he doesn't even play him. Ninis and Samaras w/ Haristeas in the middle will be pretty lethal. But its good to see him do well in Scotland; they could do something in the CL as well. I'd like to visit Scotland.
  13. Also NO NO and NOOOOO more volleyball in the Olympics! Where do you draw the line? Any sport can be an Olympic sport? Archery competitions took place in antiquity so that stays; but not shooting, because it is a totally different thing. Should we keep ping pong just because you need a little skill? Soccer needs to go as well because you can't use the senior team (w/ the exception of 3). So if the whole point of the Olympics is for the top athletes and teams to compete, whats the point in keepng soccer? There's no time for the players to prepare.
  14. Bravo guys, good to see some action taken against this pathetic Martin Rogers clown. I'm embarrassed at the fact that I took the article seriously, BUT I did read an edited version of it on the Phantis sports section; why was it even on a Greek news web page to begin with?
  15. Thanks for the post PurelyAcademic, thats good to know!
  16. Yeah good post on Gekas drakos. Otto failed to set the team up properly so what the hell do you expect?
  17. Cute, Cyber. I was just reading this article on how the facilities that were built for the 2004 games are locked up, unavailable and covered in graffiti. As a result the money spent is lost. What kind of crap is that? Why can't they keep these places open so athletes can train? Isn't that the positive side to hosting? They can't get they're s hit together?
  18. I have to agree with these posts. Unfortunately. Its become a "win no matter what" ego trip with money and politics and bulls hit. Sporting events like baseball, softball (thankfully being eliminated in 2012) equestrian, ping pong, bmx, shooting, handball,and for gods sake volleyball, do NOT belong in the Olympics. But they are there because it just means more air time and more money. And if thats the bottom line for these morons at the IOC, maybe they should piss off and find something else to do. These Olympic games definitely left me a bit sour, especially with the Chinese nonsense (underage athletes, favoritism). It was as if they needed to show how "superior" they were to everyone. I hope one day it will become a bit more "pure" but that doesn't look likely anytime soon. The highlight for me: Jimmy Page at the closing ceremonies! :tup:
  19. Thanks for the response cyber. I have another question; is there enough being put into the sports development programs in Greece? Because I think we really should be doing better than this even with the doped up athletes that got caught. Anyones opinion?
  20. Also the article on Halkia says she volunteered to get tested; could it be some sort of mistake?
  21. Good point drakos and I also find difficult to believe that all these swimming records are being broken, one after the other, legitimately. Where theres politics and money, things can't all be clean and legitmate. And yeah, it would be nice to know just what their procedure is for testing; I mean, every athlete has to be tested the same number of times if they want to be fair about it.
  22. What the hell-? So now he says he hasn't signed yet and its still up in the air. Lazio supposedly are trying to get him still.
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