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  1. We qualify out of easy groups; against Argentina Otto thought it was a brilliant idea to play a 9 - 1 formation.
  2. No, defensive mids can't play like creative attackers; thats why we call them defensive mids! Different style of play. I know success doesn't mean winning tournaments; my point is for the most part we've played like s hit since 2004. Just advancing is not good enough; the team has to PLAY.
  3. Mangas, an example of their "leadership" is what you just saw against a lousy Bosnian team. An example of their "leadership" is what you saw at Euro 2012 (so what if we advanced to the next round we played like s hit). The reason for the "sit back" mentality is because defense midfielders do just that; they won't open up and attack. If he continues to play defensive mids then you won't see anything different! Kats? Tziolis? Maniatis? Kara? Play Fetfa and Ninis and you won't see them sitting back, that is not their instinct or style, plain and simple. What do you mean its remarkable we've been successful with this style of play? We haven't been successful since 2004! Every appearance we've had in a Euro or WC since then has been trash!
  4. Not sure why anyone would think keeping Kats and Kara even on the bench is a good idea since they show game after endless game they can't cut it. They're not creative, they f uck up the whole team and they should have been retired by now! End of story!
  5. Mangas, bingo, thats the line up of players that would have won this game easily. Its really not so complicated but as long as you have these rejects like Santos and Kats in there it just won't happen.
  6. Absolutely atrocious. They couldn't put together more than 2 passes. No communication WHAT-SO-EVER. This does not surprise me one bit. If anyone is interested, the problem is this gang of bums: Santos, Kats, Kara and Fyssas. As long as they're f ucking around behind the scenes, you'll keep seeing the same crappy football. These rejects must be REMOVED. Do you really want to see this team advance to the WC and get their asses whipped? When we clearly have the talent to put something great together? DO NOT support this team; demand that they go!
  7. Santos playing his friends again: Kara and Kats, 2 guys who are past their peak, who can't do anything creative but will still get the call up even when they're 60. And Vyntra. Am I supposed to take this seriously?
  8. Well, I wouldn't call the Greek League and Olympiakos "clean and fair"; corrupt is certainly more like it. At any rate hopefully someone can clear up and explain this Fetfa situation sooner than later.
  9. How do you really know he is not bothered by it? Were you there when he signed the contract? Did you speak to him personally? I wouldn't judge him unless we really know whats going on; and something clearly isn't right. I think these guys are a bunch of corrupt scumbags.
  10. Any player with that kind of talent and ability DESERVES a call up; if the sh it - for - brains coaches can't get a grip on that fact too bad. Too bad for the teams, too bad for millions of football fans. This has already been pointed out: Kats doesn't play for any team yet he gets called up (not referring to this game). Does that sit well with you? Wake up man
  11. He'll find a way to f uck things up for the NT when we get to the next qualifier, and yes his two bitches, Kats and Kara, will be back. As you can see he calls Dimoutsos, Kone and Iam-very-well-connected-but-a-below-average-player Vyntra, but once again leaves out Fetfa. I'm not surprised; this is the same old sh it, so WHO CARES?
  12. We're more advanced now w/ our athletes than in 1855 when it comes to nutrition and building up for competition. However I'm not denying the mentality point. Also I have noticed the team seems to go into these "sleeping" phases during certain games; when they finally score they seem to collectively wake up and go, "oh yeah, we CAN play, just remembered."
  13. But they certainly didn't have that attitude in WW2 when they fought the Italians...they prevented them from entering Greece.
  14. I agree; especially what you said in regards to Slovakia and the last paragraph.
  15. We CAN play more attacking/creative football with the right combination of players and a coach that knows how to instill a positive mentality with the team. Its about creating a unit that has such great communication they don't even have to think about it or second guess. A coach that knows what he's doing would have the team perform as a collective as opposed to a group of individuals or egos. He would say, " We can face any opposition because no team in the world is unbeatable. We can transform into anything we want accordingly. We will attack. We will defend. We will be diamond shaped, triangular, circular, tough, soft, slow, fast; WE are in the drivers seat. We will do this with a calm confidence, because we know we have the ability." I don't know if Santos is speaking like that to the team!
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