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  1. I think the company name should only be NERIT and the channels to be named ET1, ET2, and ET World. That way it keeps the nostalgia of ERT alive.
  2. I wonder if and when they'll launch a NERIT World?
  3. Just noticed that Dish has removed channel 9830 (ERT World) from its lineup. It was there earlier today. Strangely, the 3 radio stations, ERA-5 (9834), ERA Sport (9835), and NET 105.8 (9836) remain in the lineup (black screens, of course). What's up with that?
  4. Yes they do sometimes air newer movies, but let's face it. Most of the new stuff is crap and most people prefer the classics of the 50's, 60's, & 70's.
  5. I read about it on the website of tvnea. http://tvnea.blogspot.com I wonder if Alter Globe will be relaunched.
  6. This all could have been done w/o shutting down the network. The new network will have 2000 employees? I thought the government argued that ERT had too many employees at a little over 2600 and wanted to reduce it to 1000. Aren't they contradicting themselves? :gr:
  7. On Dish Network's webpage detailing the Greek programming, it no longer lists ERT World a-la-carte and no longer lists ERT World and its 3 radio stations as part of the Greek Elite package. Yet, the Greek Elite package still costs $29.99. http://www.dish.com/entertainment/packages/international/?Region=european〈=Greek#international On another note, isn't this "fun" everybody. After the 6 year run of the "Mega Switching Platforms" soap opera, ERT has decided to do its own "series". Can anyone think of titles we should call it?
  8. This message is now appearing on ERT World channel 9830 on Dish Network. Could it mean they are trying to broadcast the new EDT or bring another channel in their lineup like Star for instance?
  9. This is now appearing on ERT World on channel 9830 on Dish Network.
  10. This is what is showing on screen in Greece for the new public broadcaster. It replaces the test pattern it had for the past few weeks. So no more EPT. It's
  11. Still waiting for ERT to resume its broadcast.
  12. As of 9:55pm EEDT (2:55pm EDT) the Council of State cancelled the decision of the government, determining "ipso facto" the need of re-establishing immediately the broadcasting activities of ERT. From what is being broadcast on the internet feed of ERT, they are to re-open tomorrow morning Greek time. If that means 1 hour from now at midnight or by sunrise in Greece I don't know. Bottom line, ERT is back. :tup:
  13. ERT (only NET actually) is now broadcasting via the EBU's website. http://www3.ebu.ch/cms/en/sites/ebu/contents/news/2013/06/monitor-ert-online.html
  14. I noticed yesterday that ERT World has been reassigned back to channel 9830. On the current channel (9531), it states the official move as May 29. It's currently on both channels. I guess May 29 is probably the cut-off date for channel 9531. Why the move was made in the first place baffles me and it made no sense. Maybe it's something to give us to talk about (or me anyway) on this forum.
  15. Where did they come from? Website lacks information as to what channels are offered.
  16. I guess I'm the only one who wonders why Dish moved ERT to another channel. :mellow:
  17. I noticed this morning there was no longer a channel 9830 which is ERT World. I first checked the website and nothing was changed. Then I did a little channel surfing and found out ERT World has been moved to channel 9531. Why would they move 1 channel and keep all the other TV and radio channels grouped together? Unless they plan to move the other channels as well. Why didn't they announce it via scrolling before they made the move? Does anybody have any info on this matter?
  18. Just a friendly warning guys. The owners of Ellas TV are the same ones who kept moving Mega Cosmos around to multiple platforms here in the U.S. They are being sued by Directv and wouldn't be surprised if they pulled the plug on the service without warning. I mean, come on! $400 AUD for a box! Court cost expenses is where that money is going. :gr:
  19. If we're talking about Mega and GMG/Globestar/Titan or whatever they want to call themselves, shouldn't this be on its own thread?
  20. Sorry to go off topic but ever since Phantis revamped its website we haven't heard a peep from our good friend DKSat. Hoping you've been reading the posts and maybe you can share with us your insight. :)
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