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  1. People will never learn they've subscribed to HELL-AS-S :xxx: TV. :gr:
  2. On the ERT/Kontominas thread you said the EllasTV service was legit and here you say it's illegal. What's the truth? :huh: :unsure:
  3. Maybe a rep for Ellas TV will post on the forum and help you out. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  4. KB Impuls. I wonder if KB stands for Kontominas Business. :unsure:
  5. I don't think you read my post carefully. I asked if GMG and EllasTV are related, not Greek Media Group and GMG. I know GMG is the abbreviation of Greek Media Group. When I asked the question about EllasTV being related I used the abbreviation rather than type the whole name again. :)
  6. Interesting info. What does KBI stand for? I would like to know more info on Greek Media Group since its been stated that they are the distributors of Mega in the US and the iptv service Ellas TV. Are they legit and are they related with GMG? Will Star join Dish in the future? Are there still efforts to revive Alter? Back in 2007 when Mega, Alpha, & Alter formed the package on Directv, it was stated on this forum that Mad World would also join. Are they still interested in broadcasting in the US? By the way, Mega left Dish in 2006 but maybe this was a typo on your part.
  7. Just wanted to say I like the new look to Phantis! :tup:
  8. You can watch it right on your tv with roku for freeYou can also use an HDMI cable from the computer to the tv if both have HDMI inputs. Then you maximize the screen on your computer.
  9. Skai is available for free online on their website when it is airing Greek programming. Goes offline when airing foreign programming. If you're interested, it comes back on at 10:00pm EST with a replay of a cooking show. At 10:30 there's a am newscast and at 11:00 is Proti Grammi with the 2 guys who used to be on NET. Skai tv link: Skai Happy viewing! :)
  10. Let's hope this soap opera, "Mega Cosmos Musical Platform Chairs", has ended its run. They screwed the omogenia big time. Glad I didn't follow them on Home2US. I knew it wasn't worth it. But forgive and forget I say. Mega, just don't do us like that again and get someone else to distribute your channel. GMG/Titan, Inc., whatever name they're going by, don't know squat.
  11. By the way. Anyone interested in EllasTV now, the so-called future? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  12. Dish just updated their website. Mega is included in the Greek Elite package with the new price of $29.99. Remember 3 weeks ago I said that the price of the package would increase by $5. They knew Mega was coming back before they made the announcement on Facebook in mid-November. There was no way the price increase was because of Greek Cinema. Mega is also available a-la-carte for $19.99. Why more? ANT1 & ERT are $14.99 each a-la-carte. ANT1 has always been $14.99 since they debuted on C-band back in 1993. 3 cheers for them for keeping the price the same for almost 20 years. Mega $19.
  13. Actually channel 9839. No info on Dish Network site yet. Wonder if it gets included in the Greek Elite package?
  14. I had suggested that too in a earlier post a few days ago. But like Grk101 said maybe they're just testing on that channel or what I think might happen is they might reshuffle everything a few months down the road. :)
  15. It makes sense of what both of you said, Grk101 and HellasHab. If you recall back in 2006, Mega was on 602, ERT on 603, and ANT1 on 605. Maybe ANT1 didn't like it when it was 3rd in line, being that they were on Dish long before ERT and Mega.
  16. Did a little bit of googling and found out there is currently no channel that's occupying 9828. So I don't see why they couldn't put Mega on that channel instead of putting it on 9839 right after the radio stations. It makes no sense not to group it with the other 4 TV channels.
  17. DISH Network Greek TV We are working for a December 5th date. Might be sooner :). Will keep everyone postedNovember 21 at 11:53am Above is what Dish Network posted in response to my question of a launch date via the Dish Network Greek TV page on Facebook.
  18. So they're putting it on channel 9839, right after supersport fm? It's weird to not group it with the other tv channels. I guess 9828 must be taken. It would have been perfect next to ANT1 (9829). They could have put it on 9833, right after Greek Cinema and moved each radio channel by one. Oh well I guess we shouldn't be picky as long as we're getting Mega back. Maybe they'll switch it around at a later date. :tup:
  19. I couldn't agree with you more DKSat, but what I think happend or didn't in this case was the fact that EllasTV being the only MEGA COSMOS provider did not produce the expected results as far as attracting subscribers, much the same as it did work out when the channel moved to DirecTV and later on Home2US.I live in an area with 80 Greek families. Most of those families have been suscribed to DISH NETWORK and never swiched or added DIRECTV, except of course for myself. People can live without MEGA COSMOS, I was without it for the last couple of months and eventually realized that I wasn't missi
  20. Just found out that someone was me. I had asked the question of a launch date and I was checking the Dish Network Greek TV page on Facebook this morning and noticed that the answer they gave me was exactly the same as you posted on your reply, Grk101. :D
  21. And if you recall from the letter I received, the Greek Elite pkg price would increase from $24.99 to $29.99 on or around December 6th "to provide you with the best content available and to cover increased costs...".Coincidence? I think not.
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