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  1. A lot of time has passed since we had this player as him on these positions to play more or less this consistently a match in and match out
  2. Very interesting switch of back wings. Šakić is yellow carded now on this new side.
  3. 10 pts outta 4 matches. And now enjoying lazy Sunday in watching ManU vs. Tottenham great match and realizing that having Dellizissis is an asset compared to having McGuirre for example 😂 Great sunny day here in Bosnia, great weekend
  4. Important 3 pointer and slight luck at the end of the day. I need to give credit to our stoppers, especially Delizissis. They had more crosses than normally should be accepted to our box and he managed to clear many, almost all, of them out and that is for praise !
  5. What is that past minutes, paidia??? Aha, yes, I forgot. Bad preparations, easy going physical shape
  6. Not just ordinary, this is seriously bad protection of our left side.
  7. Aha. Sakić has had good elements and many ball recoveries this match. Ganea ordinary, agreed.
  8. We need to take a close eye on Macheda, as he can take off our 2, 3 players back there to open up spaces. So far, we usually killed their crosses and everything to the heart of our box
  9. It will be a sin not to win this, since up front we are much quality than them, but when you have a blunder making and occasionally clumsy defense like this before the latest cooling break, everything is possible unfortunately
  10. I always hated when I was watching Matilla and Sasha in the endekada at the same time, as you know, but as long as they strive to do the job properly, I am OK.
  11. Not the perfect for the psychology of Mancini to be subbed off early, but it is what it is. Bertoglio reasonable of course since he was very bad.
  12. They need to give best and hold this lead. Play hard and brave, for a goal up before the upcoming national teams playing window and 2-week break when we would enter in very good position. Bertoglio bad today, losing a lot of balls and challenges. And stop being behind the ball very much 'cause you will concede then! 😐
  13. The biggest problem of Panathinaikos is a probable lack of team chemistry since a lot of changes I saw here, from integration of Spani-latino core players to certain nearoi taking place and playing as well. It's not easy to be a PAO fan these days, as much as hasn't been easy to be an Aris fan of course. Usually, a more less mature tactical game in first half, apart from first and last several minutes of first half when we almost conceded, but also a referee did his best to almost punish us with a concede. If that, on Gama, wasn't a foul, then I don't know what is it.
  14. Pao want ball, this might be our chance to hurt them. We could be very dangerous in fast breaks with these overloading small guys up front
  15. I have problems with trusting our CDs and goalie today. Actually this has been the case for months now, let's not say a year or more
  16. When I see Ergis Kace I feel like I see Kostas Mendrinos back in the day - a p(a)ok rejection, a picking up leftover for certain reason that I feel nothing about.
  17. I agree about physical condition, guys. Equalizer was early, timing was great. I was almost sure that we would turn around. But after that, almost nothing worth noting
  18. Manos should be given more time. And this Lopez enjoys much playing time than needed for my liking.
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