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  1. Maybe the Greek association should considering courting young Australian Dean Bouzanis who has just signed with liverpool. he is 16 yrs old and Benitez rates him as the best keeper he has ever seen at that age. He is so good , he will skip the liverool youth acedemy and join the top squad when he turns 17 & after spending a season with Sydney f.c on loan. i stll cant beleive nikopolidis perfomance. and why wasnt he was taken off after the 3rd goal? Does anyone know what drugs he is on??? or does he just suffer from ball phobia????
  2. Unfortunately Greece never had and never will have the depth. Our only hope is that we have a good 11 - 12 players and that they are fit and in good form. and of course, some luck.
  3. Ross, hopefully you didnt watch the game. you would have watched the worst goalkeeping pefomance by a keeper in international history.
  4. Ross, hopefully you didnt watch the game. you would have watched the worst goalkeeping pefomance by a keeper in international history.
  5. Without a doubt that has to be the worst goalkeeping perfomances at international level by Nikopolidis a.k.a George Clooney. at least 3 of the 4 goals can be blamed on this man that calls himself a goalkeeper. He was pathetic. he didnt even touch the ball on two of the turkish goals!!! - they shot the ball striaght to him. And all this coming after greece (stelios and kyrgiakos )missed goal chances 5 metres out from the turkish goal (twice). would have it changed the result? possibly. but with Clooney on goals, it basically meant, any shot on goal was in. Clooney had to be
  6. Does anyone know, how was the first goal scored ?? ( own goal by nikopolidis??) what happend?? thanks
  7. isnt the u.s.a captain Greek? surely all the nhl players of greekbackground can help creat or develop a greek hockey program !!
  8. impossible to find!!! u would think that greece never won the euro and came 2nd in the world!!!
  9. mmmmmm lose some weight and tell them to send you the smaller size shirt.
  10. go australia! though i would of loved to see Australia beat USA in the final..
  11. i think the original ban was for 6 home matches... and they reduced it to only 3 home matches... and they have one or two players suspended... not sure for how many games..
  12. they will need more than red and white scarfs to beat the storm. they have a TERRIBLE record vs the storm. saints have only won 1 game out of the last ten between them and this year the storm are the minor premiers...
  13. it could be an embarrasing day for greece vs brazil!
  14. fifa ranks are crap and always have been. who really cares. england is ranked higher than italy, yet italy are the world champs and thats all that matters really. greece beat moldova and move up? hehe mmmmmmmm
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