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  1. Spain only thinks in Gasol; only thinks in the star player. The Spanish press only talks about USA and his defeat; they don´t talk about the merits of Greece. Greece plays as a team and for that they will be the winners without NBA players. :D Papaloukas and Diamantidis are the best. 2004-Champions of Europe in football 2005-Champions of Europe in basketball 2006? HELLAS OLE!!! :gr:
  2. In this pages:http://www.goal4replay.net/GoalWatch.asp?ID=324 http://www.goal4replay.net/GoalWatch.asp?ID=325 http://www.goal4replay.net/GoalWatch.asp?ID=326
  3. I am agree with you. Apart from the matches versus Real Madrid and Rosenborg, the team had the same problem versus Lyon in France. After the beautiful goal of Kafes, Lyon scored in the last minutes.And Olympiakos wasn´t the only team that had this problem because Panathinaikos lost versus Udinese in Greece at the end of the match. The same thing happened to PAOK versus Stuttgart so it is necessary to find a solution for this. Anyway, I shouldn´t moan because Olympiakos played a great match.
  4. Kafes has shown again the great shooter that he is. His goal was similar to the goal that he scored versus Lyon in the last season. I liked the acrobatic goal of Okkas, but my favourite was the goal of Taralidis. :rolleyes:
  5. Have you seen this video? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g76SjudXBPw...rgios%20Samaras The last goal is really incredible.
  6. What a match! Olympiakos won 4-0. Kafes, Rivaldo, Castillo and Konstantinou scored a goal each. The goal of Konstantinou was amazing... :D
  7. In my opinion, the best player of Olympiakos was Okkas, but the last counter-attack of Anderlecht has taken the team by surprise.
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