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  1. The funny thing is when a coach makes a risky move and it backfires he is an idiot. When he makes a risky move and success comes out of it he is a genius.
  2. I can't believe Lemonis is the first coach to get a win for Olympiakos away from Greece in the Champions League. I have always believed that in Greece there are unrealistic expectations on the coaches to win every game. Not sure if Lemonis is the answer, but I hope he last until the end of the season. He deserves that much. Regardless of the fact, maybe more Greek coaches will get a chance now.
  3. Sorry. I remember PAO saying that Gekas was not good enough of them. That is why I said that.
  4. you know what, if olympiakos's players feel like playing and everything goes their way, the ni can coach them to a victory over a team like gianena. but if things aren't going your way for whatever reason, then.....
  5. Thats not strictly accurate file. He's made 13 starts but has also made 9 appearances off the bench, and Stuart Pearce makes subs early so when he comes on he gets at least 30 mins. So 4 goals and 6 assists in 22 games is not impressive at all, in fact its poor for a striker. which means he has come off early as well. number of games means crap--how many minutes has he played for those goals?if anyone answers this question they should work for a secret service as they know how to do research and have too much time on their hands. :ph34r:
  6. Sorry, haven't checked thhis in a while. Someone asked me where I got my facts from. It is from sportnet.gr
  7. 8 million euros for him and he went to Manchester City
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