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  1. Hi, this is my first post in about 3 months and probably my last for another 3 months. I realised I have a life outside the computer. I also got a little fed up with the infinite arguments between hollywood and bides, protathlitis and anyone green, for example. I just wanted to give my full support to bagdatis. He's individually the greatest sporting icon ever to come out of Cyprus, and with a country that loves sport, it is an amazing status too have. I'm so proud that he is also wearing the cypriot flag on his heart, its good too see he didnt sell out to other countries like some other 'greek' tennis hereos who sold themselves to the states. Anyway, best of luck tommoro, I will wake early to cheer you on. If you win you will win an entire cypriot nation.
  2. cheers thrylos for the info science made simple? that was like a book u gave me to read
  3. Pardon my lack of energy to research, but can someone please update the info on the new stadium... so its gonna be where? whats the latest talks on capacity? where can one find such info? when will pao start playing games there? will these silly questions ever end? have these votaniko made an official complaint or something? why is the sky blue?
  4. If we get the new stadium then we should get it sold out, and also if pao matches aren't shown live anymore that should contribute to increase in fans. Fans are just really fed up with Leoferos, and need a change... as soon as we get this supposedly 31K we'll fill it up.
  5. Sorry pao fans, but he's right, Karaiskaki is a very nice stadium, and basically we have no right to slag it off. If the future stadium is like the ones we see in the pics, then I think were screwed. We can compliment the designs all day, but the truth is Karaiskaki is a very nice, even beuatiful, stadium. (You dont know how much it hurt to write that) :(
  6. Panos has a good point, as seat capaticance goes, i would be suprised if karaiskaki's stadium of 33,000 was in the top 100 of seat capaticance in europe, let alone the world. But it is a nice stadium by greek standereds, and the closeness to the pitch (which i've seen in pictures, i've never been) seems very close too the action... but its not one of the greatest stadiums in the world, by a long shot. (Btw, this has not got alot to do with the stadiums, and alot of people may find this a little pointless... but do you realise if we had defeated liverpool in the 84-85 semi-final, the tragedy of heysel may never have happened, and all the laws of seating in stadiums may not even exist today, and our attendance would still be in the 40,000's??? a little something to think about)
  7. The picture shown here dosen't look to nice http://www.stadiumguide.com/paoathensarena.htm
  8. Panos13, i think it'll cost alot more to build a stdium like the ones u mentioned, and i agree with Elastonpappou 13, it will be a nice stadium if that is how it'll be built. Building has to start soon, Leoferos dosen't only look very poor standered, but is a safety hazard
  9. It dosen't matter the reasons why the stadium is built, whether its for the Euro 2012 bid or for pao's sake, as long as its built. The reason why Leoforos dosen't get filled is because it is such a poor stadium. Its an embarrestment for pao, such a major European team, to not have a stadium fit to meet UEFA's requirements. The new stadium will have attendances 40,000 minimum, and will be a big money earner for us.
  10. WOW!!! that was great, it great to know the history of your team, cheers evergreen (btw didn't pao make it to the semi's in 96 or some year against ajax? u've probably written it somewhere. cheers matey, great sh*t
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