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  1. samaras is very incosistent..that was his problem in manchester.. but i disagre with you dude as far as his skill...he is 6 feet 4 inches tall and not that lanky, he is one of the best with has back to the goal and bring the long ball down and controlling it. He is relatively fast especially considerin his size and is deadly in the air due to his size. I agree with aek as his two biggest problems it seems like is that scorer's/killers instinct and seems like hes missing that pathos and tsambooka on the field. He no doubt is worth of teams such as manchester and celtic in my opinion he just needs to work on his finishing, and consistently finishing which he has done thus far at celtic
  2. samaras should definately be on the national team and xaristeas consistently sucks..by all means i love him for euro 2004, but he has one good quality and one quality only, his header, if he happens to catch on to a header and score great, but 9 games out of 10 he doesnt, and besides his header he is not fast, especially for a striker, and he is not a very technical player, samaras can create opportunities as he can make things happen with the ball at his feet, he is faster, one of the best at controlling hte long ball.. IMO xaristeas should not be on the NT anymore but love him for euro 2004
  3. i think its a given that he was gonna need time to adjust to the british game..but i still don't think it suits his style. samaras is a big forward who plays well with his back ot the goal a la mantzio, he is one of the best at bringiing down and controlling long balls and maintaining possession. i still think he needs experience and work to develop that goal scorer's instinct
  4. i just hope that this gets resolved whatever the solution is, and pao fans will accept whatever decision itll be and fill the stadium consistently
  5. p.s. i love how we ignored the gauroi who commented earlier, skylogauroi
  6. guys, in a perfect world, we would have our stadium in goudi with the flexibility we have at elliniko, but who said life is perfect? ;) there are problems with everything and we have to realize the diffuculties of each plan, they r trying to weigh their options out knowning each one has its problem also another reason elliniko might be preferred by the gov't or epo is because they would be able to use that in the EURO for their bid, i think they need aroudn 40,000 seats where in goudi you can not do that
  7. if you ask me it does not matter, no matter where its built us vazeloi love our team too much to stay away, so we will go, hopefully..(with some attendences we've been having this year i dunno <_< <_< ) we need a new stadium and thats a fact, and i always thought that the airport was about ten mintues away, and especially if they provide a way of transportation there, just like in kairaskaki, i think we should be fine lets just get this issue solved tho please
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