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  1. vardinogiannis has kept a 51% stake in the team to withhold majority stake..the fact that he left is a plus, but lets not forgot he added 13 from his family's entourage (ppl we've never heard of) to the board. He had it set up so that he would only need 3 votes from the remaining members to get majority vgenopoulos has been the best thing that has happened to pao so everyone that is getting frustrated for his continuous press releases and ruthless tactics..if you read them, i feel you would change your mind the big fasaria was vardinoyianni wanted to wait until the end of the playoffs to
  2. are they not showing the game in Greece? According to the site it is not being shown..i hope this incorrect
  3. dussan is a proven winner in the league, knows the greek league better than any other coach right now arguably, but i dont like him..thats not enough... we have european dreams and all he knows about that is the pentares and tessares hes had against him..i just don't wanna turn to what olympiakos has been all these years where in greece they win the protathlima every year and thenjust as consistently, they suck in europe I am pissed that we did not approach donis from the instant tzigger knew he did not intend on keeeping peseiro Stupid Aek :tdown: :tdown:
  4. i highly doubt we'll be able to afford aaron from valencia on a transfer, if we do, i will be pumped, paixtaras..and is not even 19 yet i dont think..im surprised valencia loaned him out to iraklis
  5. manucho isn't much of a ball player, not technical, won't take someone 1v1, but he knows how to score..hes a scorer and its his job he is deadly in the air, will outsprint most defenders, and always has great positioning he can be useless the whole game, but with one chance he'll bag it. i think he can do well in england, maybe not man u, but he is big, strong, phsycial and with people playin him all the crosses that they do in england, i think he could easily have a successful career there
  6. i will be highly upset if we let peseiro go and then don't hire donis...it seems as if hes going to aek, if we allow this to happen there will be no excuse as he is the best greek coach right now and extremely young with orexi gia douleia
  7. samaras is very incosistent..that was his problem in manchester.. but i disagre with you dude as far as his skill...he is 6 feet 4 inches tall and not that lanky, he is one of the best with has back to the goal and bring the long ball down and controlling it. He is relatively fast especially considerin his size and is deadly in the air due to his size. I agree with aek as his two biggest problems it seems like is that scorer's/killers instinct and seems like hes missing that pathos and tsambooka on the field. He no doubt is worth of teams such as manchester and celtic in my opinion he
  8. panatha-karagounis(not so much for play and results, but pathos that he brings) olympiakos-galleti aek-rivaldo/blanco
  9. I think you're doing your math wrong man..15 euro x 30,000=450,000 euro with two games is 900,000 euro...not 9 Million but .9 Million somewhere else down there you make the same mistake Big difference
  10. samaras should definately be on the national team and xaristeas consistently sucks..by all means i love him for euro 2004, but he has one good quality and one quality only, his header, if he happens to catch on to a header and score great, but 9 games out of 10 he doesnt, and besides his header he is not fast, especially for a striker, and he is not a very technical player, samaras can create opportunities as he can make things happen with the ball at his feet, he is faster, one of the best at controlling hte long ball.. IMO xaristeas should not be on the NT anymore but love him for eu
  11. no i'm from xios the island next to turkey, just under mitilini
  12. i couldn't disagree more.. i see this as tzigger finding the opportunity of pao being 1st, something we havn't become accustomed to in the past years as evident by our 1 championship in the last decade..if you sit back and reflect..and think of all those years going by and the misery..is he serioulsy saying that everything is ok because we are in 1st place now?? that is what vgenopoulos is saying, look at the big picture here, yea ok we are 1st now, by the way keep in mind out of the cup, in a rather humiliating way, we are out of the uefa cup, all we have is the protathlima, but ok..we ar
  13. no thoughts anyone?? :rolleyes: :rolleyes: lol
  14. i have always thought this and this is just proof to back me up.. to be a "big" european team, you have to be in a big market, you need a big fan base more than anything, and then comes everything else, stadiums, tv contracts, etc. This has been my theory behind greek soccer and the true reason behind why we will never improve that much. If you look at the elite leagues, england, spain, italy, germany, etc. They have more than just 3 teams or 4 teams that can sell out their stadiums, they have huge fan bases....and this is all proportional with population in the country even so called de
  15. the overall integrity and equality of the league is being challenged right now, and i can't wait to see their ruling..i felt they already screwed kalamaria by appointing a rematch, and now oly are going for the 3 pts straight up..i dno man..i would not wanna be an oly fan right now and if PAO ever did that..i would be embarassed.. u would think someone from oly would step up and say..no this isnt right they beat us fair and square..but again some ppl don't care if they win deservedly and fairly as long as they win
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