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  1. http://sports.yahoo.com/sow/news;_ylt=AjKw...=goal&type=lgns Jozy Altidore to Gavros?? Granted this site can be full of BS...(not as bad as some Greek sites)....but if true...wow. I like the move...but I don't see how he'll get significant minutes over Diogo and Derbyshire.
  2. It's Official (in English): PIRAEUS, Greece (AFP) - Greek defending champions Olympiakos Piraeus announced Tuesday the release of coach Takis Lemonis from his duties and his replacement with assistant Jose Segura for the remaining six matches of the season. Olympiakos were knocked out of the last 16 of the Champions League by Chelsea last week and are currently second in the league, one point behind rivals Panathinaikos. Lemonis, 48, has coached Olympiakos twice, from 2000 to 2003 and then after returning in 2006 led the club to two league titles.
  3. GLASGOW, Scotland (Ticker) - Polish forward Maciej Zurawski has left Celtic to sign for Greek club Larissa, ending speculation that he would move to Major League Soccer. Zurawski has been linked with MLS for the past several months, most often with the Los Angeles Galaxy, but there was little concrete evidence that he was on the verge of a move. Zurawski, who scored 30 goals in 73 appearances for Celtic, had been looking for regular playing time after being warned by Poland coach Leo Beenhakker that his place in the Euro 2008 was under threat.
  4. http://sports.yahoo.com/mls/news?slug=txch...ov=st&type=lgns Bizzare, though given Nikopolidis is retiring after this year, not impossible to think about. Though if those other clubs are throwing serious money at him/MLS than forget it. I figure he's only gonna go if Oly throw mad money (doubt it) and/or he's guaranteed to start (unknown, I havn't seen enough of Sifakis to make up my mind). Guzan is highly regarded over here, many see him as a potential starter in goal for the next decade or so. This is an interesting rumor though, especially with former USA international Clint Mathis going to Ergotelis :o :o .
  5. Just curious, are PAOK Women (and other Greek womens club teams) professional, semi-pro, or completely amateur?
  6. Here's an English-language match summary from UEFA.com of that 2-0 victory over Slovakia: http://www.uefa.com/competitions/Under19/f.../Report=RP.html Best of luck in the U-19 Championships! :tup: :box: :gr: :gr:
  7. Call me crazy (and possibly un-informed), but has anyone ever considering renovating/upgrading Leoforos to add some seats (possibly upper deck/concourse). I mean even if it took a year or two, you could play in OAKA as a short term solution. Granted space would be really tight (especially w/ parking), but if there were adaquete public transportation it could easily work. Your thoughts...?
  8. Yea they should get rid of (or relocate to northern USA/Canada) the southern teams that are crap and put all of those players in a "redistribution" draft, so more talent can be had amongst the remains. That and lowering the obscene ticket prices (they should be low at first to get the fans back). I hope they don't get rid of my hometown Washington Capitals though :unsure: ! Oh yeah, they should make the game more "international/European." Things like getting rid of offside, 2-line pass, and put in no-touch icing to make the games more open and high-scoring. Any other international rules the should be implemented and/or NHL rules removed to make the quality of play better??
  9. I hate the NBA, it seems like you now have be borderline- retarted (think immature and with no common sense whatsoever) to make a name for yourself. These are the same idiots that say they can't feed their families on 10 million USD a year (Lattrel Spreewell, also strangled his coach at practice :angry: :o) and ask for time off to...produce his own rap album :blink: :not: :LOL: ) This was the same dude that went balistic and started the brawl in Detroit. The NFL is salso in that mold, cept' they keep bringing in the $$ bigtime. MLS is probably as popular as hockey as brings in the same amount of $$, cept' the players realize this and don't fight for obscene salaries for the exposure and revenue the teams bring in. I think ice hockey will come back next year, though I dunno if it'll survive. What they need to do is get rid of or relocate franchises (Atlanta, Nashville, Florida, Phoenix, crappy southern teams), as their killing the league and damn near bankrupt. That and the salary issue.
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