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  1. Exactly! Let an actual coach come in and inject proper tactics and strategy, and if it doesn't work, then in comes Patrick Swayze from road house to clean house lol
  2. You made a couple good points, but I want to touch on a couple of the other things. Not all players can play anywhere on the the pitch, that's just a straight ignorant statement from him, as is putting the game in God's hands... Putting salpi isn't soem incredible tactic, he already plays the right side, so he just moved him back and asked him to be a bit more d minded, salpi is a vet so it wasn't a mind blowing concept for him. Looking at all his call ups and asking siovas of all players to play rb is straight f'd. Playing a lb at rb would have made more sense at that point. Rb didn't even end up being our issue in that game, we had no connection between the mids and our forwards who were left out to dry, by who? Our coach! The Italian were coming at us in waves, and we couldn't sustain possession. So seeing all that, he subs on a rb and another dm lol yup, that oughta solve the ball possession problem. So I guess we needed to defend our 3 goal lead at that point? Guess there wasn't a need to switch the tactics at all right? or bring out a couple players to assist the attack? God had us covered, the Italians were more God worthy that day as well. Nothing to do with continuously sticking too many dm's on the field. I don't care about the musical goalies, cause it really didn't matter who was in net with the chances we were giving up. No hes not at fault for the players individually, but yes he's very much at fault for who he fields and weather or not they're able to assist in attack or how they're able to distribute the ball. The points you did make made sense, but for some reason you fail to mention anything about his tactics or subs/decisions on player personnel, which are all in his hands. Losing 2-0 to Armenia at ht, it doesn't make sense to keep the dms in tact, especially if your job is on the line, but like clock work, he took off pelkas. Then subs a dm for a dm down 3-1 lol guess he thought Greece was up 3-1? Its 2019, you can't play 2 tall oafs at cdm who can't distribute and hope to get results. And you can't try to stack a wall against itlay, they will come in waves and eventually bag one, doesn't matter how good your d is, you cant sustain that for 90. You put 3 tall oafs at dm in the Italy, is anyone surprised they broke us down, or that we couldn't get the ball up to the forwards...or excuse me, just fortou cause Mas and Kol were running back and forth defending so they weren't even up there with him. Like honestly if you're gonna make an argument for him, don't be selective and cherry pick only certain thing and leave out everything else, cause then it just falls short.
  3. @AchillesHeel ok fair enough about staf I didn't know he played 2nd half of the season. I was just going on what I was reading and hearing, but I should have taken a look. I actually don't mind him, I just thought he was inform, but it was tough to tell in that game cause everyone looked out of sorts. To the point about the wingers though, yes he did, but without a true striker on the field or anyone who could get the ball up to them from the dm, so we can't really count that. Fortou, Mas and kolovos were on the lonely island that game lol
  4. He better not get a call up period. Absolute garbage player who adds literally nothing to this team, no offense, no defense.... Just a dud.
  5. Niko could be the right option. He will inject the youth into this team which it desperately needs. Guys that will come in and go balls to the wall, which in turn should inject the vets with more energy.
  6. Can you really say all this after everything that's come out in the last week? Ange got hung out to dry? What game did you watch? He can't even recognize what decisions to make in game, or who should or shouldn't be on together. He played Samaris 4 straight games, it didn't take a rocket scientist to see that was wrong. The guys another skibbe, doesn't watch game tape on his own players or the opponents, clueless in game decision making. We all have eyes and saw the moves he was making in game. The media isn't just magically all over him, they're all over him cause he's out to lunch in every way imaginable. Sokratis has had enough of 2 dollar coaches ruining the morale of the team and playing undeserving players or playing players out of position, then sitting them when they struggle out of position. This idiot played stafylidis against Italy who has barley played games lately instead of koutris who starts every week, and he played musical goalkeepers for 3 games. Let's not forget that the first thing this knob did, was come in and lose to Estonia, and he made stupid subs in that game as well. He took off masouras who was the only bright spot on the wing that game. And speaking of wing, he still to this point hasn't played 2 true wingers on at the same time in a formation that requires it. So the players are playing on their back foot from the start. He can't even recognize that the midfield struggles every game cause he has too many like players in dm who can't distribute. Yes its on the players to beat Armenia ect, but when you have a coach that won't allow the deserving players to play or play sensible tactics, team morale plummets.
  7. I remember in the 06 wc qualifiers, Tsiartas didn't have a team and he was playing him and Tsiartas was literally saving our asses in that campaign. But Otto also wouldn't look for players outside the big 4 clubs on Greece, and that hurt us too.
  8. I'm skeptical about a Greek coach, cause I don't wanna see favorites being played based on team affiliation ect or what they've seen in the past. But I also don't know much about ouzounidis, so maybe he'll be fine. But the epo decision making seems very suspect.
  9. Guys, let's get along in here, ela. We're all frustrated but we're all in this together and we all want the best for this team. Even if we have different opinions on the current state, we all agree that it's a shitshow and things need to be turned around.
  10. Wow... Just incredible. Not even surprising, and in heard he was a Bible thumper, making players kiss ikones ect. That has no business being anywhere near the team. If basinas made those subs, he's a vlaka too. Maybe basinas needs to take a trip down memory lane when Otto put him at sweeper against Ukraine in 05 what happened late in the game... So he should know plenty about what happens being played out of position. Katsouranis as well when otto put him at cb against Albania, we all remember how that went. I think they gotta keep the 04 guys away from the team. Good players don't necessarily mean good coaches. And for the sake of their reputations, it's probably better.
  11. 5 coaches and an epic donkey show for the last almost 5 years. They definitely aren't going about it wrong when years of their playing careers are being wasted away with clowns. They only get one career, and sokratis is already in his 30s, so I don't blame them for taking a stand. And let's not kid ourselves, there were already questions about this coaches ways and the issues he's already had with players. I don't care what they're doing on the field, they're being asked to do ridiculous things and stop 100 bazillion attacks every game and with little to no offensive help. You think guys like pelkas just sit there after constantly being played out of position and don't speak up to the vets. And obv the vets look at the situation and know that guys are being asked to do things that they aren't used to, then get benched when they struggle. Yet donkeys like tzaveshit, tsioshit and bakashitas get infinity chances no matter how dog s#it they are. Why you think holebas quit? You really wanna fly out from England (where he starts every week) to play 3rd fiddle to guys that can't lace up his cleats? So ya of course morale has gone down to the toilet, no one can stand watching it anymore, including the players who id say know the game pretty well. No we're not a world beater team, but we have some very good talent in the pool that we all know doesn't get used. Everyone remember what happened when we put all our skill on against hungry? They needed to win and we didn't and we took them to town, yes our defense wasn't great but it didn't matter cause our offense was. Time to παιχε μπάλα ⚽ the old d schemes are gone, too many skilled players in the world now to just lock it down, you have to be able to push back. A good offense is a good defense, teams can't score if they don't have the ball. We don't have a great offense, but we do possess one, and it's time it was given a chance.
  12. Honestly I'm gonna hold my remarks about the future till we get to Sept and see 1) who's coaching and what his playing style/tactics are and 2) who the call ups are. I think it's possible, but not on the current path we're on. Good thing is theres a few months here to overhaul some stuff. But the question is, will they do it.
  13. I think at this point we should all throw our hats in to be manager lol
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