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  1. Epicurus

    Justin Trudeau

    Why shouldn't corporations have most of the power?..... They're the job providers! After all, here's a party that despite the opposite opinion of every serious economist about the need for the latest tax "reform" gave tax breaks to corporations (and to the wealthy class) that sit on trillions of cash and can pay millions to execs... The national debt will increase unnecessarily, but who's counting? The deficit hawks care about such thing only if people suggest social safety net expenditures!
  2. Epicurus

    Daily Team News [ 2018 ]

    One thing is clear to me: the league is total b.s. The decision about PAOK-AEK game hasn't been finalized yet! Wtf? Same with rules regarding debts, permits, points deducted, etc. etc. This league reflects Greek society, as many have observed. It's been run 100% by Greeks, with people behaving like they do in every other aspect of society. The country has a long way to go to reach efficiency and modernity. The various tsifliks must go. This word "tsifliki" reminded me of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZLjLo5CFdw
  3. Epicurus

    Daily Team News [ 2018 ]

    In Greek fashion, nothing is set in stone..... (am I reading this wrong?) Σε νέα εκδίκαση ποντάρει ο Παναθηναϊκός Πάντως, πρέπει να αναφέρουμε ότι οι πράσινοι από την πλευρά τους έχουν καταθέσει αίτηση στο Διαιτητικό Δικαστήριο για να εκδικαστεί εκ νέου η υπόθεση και περιμένουν από την ΕΠΟ να ερμηνεύσει τον κανονισμό προκειμένου να μπορέσουν να πάρουν πίσω τους βαθμούς από την στιγμή που πλήρωσαν την οφειλόμενη δόση (50.000 ευρώ), εκτιμώντας ότι είναι λάθος να απαιτείται το σύνολο του ποσού (500.000 ευρώ). Πάντως, αυτό είναι καθαρά θέμα του Διαιτητικού Δικαστηρίου της Ομοσπονδίας που για την ώρα δεν έχει προγραμματίσει κάποια συνεδρίαση.
  4. This is sad. I don't know if these skirmishes are necessary.... I read that his salary was much less than many do-nothings all over the vast Greek bureaucracy. His widow will get a small pension too. The prime minister and defense minister didn't even mention his name in their statements.
  5. Epicurus

    Ancient Greek History

    I don't think you're disputing what I'm saying, unless you think I said that DNA is useless. Of course DNA has our genetic code, and certain characteristics are passed down from generation to generation. Even this is subject to mutations, evolution, and changing environment. The skin tone, size of body, shape of features, etc, change over time. Anyway, I was talking about culture, which is not passed through DNA. Technology may create eternal life if we don't destroy ourselves before that or that artificial intelligence doesn't destroy the human species. But, even this eternal life may be another evolutionary step. Machines and humans merging, for example. With changing environment, changing physical needs, and even climate change will be factors.
  6. Epicurus

    Ancient Greek History

    I ask, again, what does your DNA matter, other than it makes you feel good being connected to some people that you have no memories of? If it's cultural, then again, such values are given to individuals not inherited via genetics. And, let's say, you have 100% the DNA of the greatest person(s) ever lived.... Are you asking for special treatment? Recognition of greatness simply because you're standing on the shoulders of others? Even if your father/mother was the greatest person, wouldn't you want to do something great yourself to get honors? At least if your father/mother raised you, you could claim they gave you their great ideas directly, but still you have to demonstrate something good yourself. If it's a civilization or philosophy of ideas, then they're available to everyone! The sons of Epicurus, Galileo, Newton, Locke, Mill, etc, aren't necessarily any better than you simply because of their fathers! Right?
  7. Epicurus

    Daily Team News [ 2018 ]

    It's so sad that this team that lost more than 50% of its starters since the beginning of the year, and starting -2 points, with players and staff not being paid, has managed to stay where it is, and even beat Atromitos today ( the best away team this season). Just the money some idiots wasted on Esien, Wemer, and a couple other ..walkers on the pitch could have saved this team from being relegated. Shame. I also don't understand this from Alafouzos point of view.... If the team falls to 2nd, or 3rd div. most debt isn't erased. And, if he truly wants to get rid of this team, wouldn't it more attractive to keep it in div. 1? Unless, he doesn't care at all, he may think that at some point he'll pay some the debts he's accountable for, hoping people will settle for less from him, and damn the team even if it's in 3rd div. Somebody like Tsakas will show up and get it for free.......(if Alafouzo doesn't expect to get any money for selling the team to anyone)
  8. Epicurus

    Macedonia Name Dispute

    First and second generation immigrant groups try to keep their mother country's identity so they are conservative. Before they're accepted into the host country, their feeling of being special is based on their national & ethnic origin. I agree that the new FYROM name should be a composite that is always used in everyday language. This name would denote geography and not ethnicity. But, this is not what most Greeks like. It's my estimate that Greece should find a solution now, because in reality the name "Macedonia" has stuck. As someone else said here, the EU, UN, US, all think Greece is not being reasonable now after FYROM made so many concessions with name and constitution. If in the end, it's only Greece and Cyprus that don't accept a new name, then the game will be lost. Only a breakup of FYROM would change its name. The big powers do not want a new instability in the Balkans.
  9. Epicurus

    Ancient Greek History

    Of course, that's to be expected. But, we have to ask a brave question? Why does it matter? Genes (DNA) don't carry cultural and historical memories. Your genetic ancestors' greatness (we never talk about their negatives) isn't passed as memories through DNA. It's the ideas, the civilization that you may feel proud of, but then all this is available to anyone. I don't have to be English to appreciate British literature, philosophy and science. Same with the Hellenic civilization's goodies. You, anyone can feel Hellene, or modern Greek, or love Greece, etc. Several ethnic groups rose against Ottoman rule. Many didn't speak (nor understood) Greek. I doubt that all knew about the Hellenic past. But, circumstances and geography made a nation out of these diverse people in the 19th and 20th centuries.
  10. Epicurus

    Another Mass Shooting in the US

    The NRA has gotten tons of money from the gun manufacturers (whose interests represents in reality), and has spent lavishly through the Political Action Committees. Plus their members vote. Plus, they employ lots of lobbyists. Yet, things may be changing. For the first time in my memory big companies are severing their ties to the NRA, and there seems to be a continuing movement for gun control. This also may the year NRA-backed candidates (and the Repub party) suffer big loses in the Nov. elections, not necessarily because of this issue alone, but the message may be loud and clear: we need sensible gun control. On the federal side, I don't see any serious federal laws as long as Trump is president and Repubs control the Senate.
  11. Epicurus

    AEK in Greek Cup 2017-18

    Respectfully disagree about Ouzounidis "should have done much better in the 1st half of the season...." You could say this under normal circumstances, but not under the ones after Alafouzo announced his decision to pull back early in the first half. The competitive teams work off season to prepare and rely on a stable core of players. PAO and Marinos didn't have that. If you're a player owed money, you hear that the club may even fall to 3rd div. when big players are sold, or leave or about to leave, well, excuse me, but it's understandable why you don't give 100%. Even back then, Marinos didn't have a stable unit. It's not like PAO had a deep bench. You start with Berg and Zeca, etc, and then?.... Much of high-competitive game is mental. The other half is internal culture and quality of people. The ..third half is the outside circumstances.... All negative.
  12. Epicurus

    Trump Presidency

    Don't forget the military parade!
  13. Epicurus

    AEK in Greek Cup 2017-18

    Agreed. I'm a PAO fan too, but it's nice to see AEK competing at this high level. If we had Ouzounidis when Alafouzos hired Strapacho(ni), we would be kings.
  14. Epicurus

    Macedonia Name Dispute

    I don't think Skopje will settle without "Macedonia" in the name. From the European and US perspective Skopje has taken positive steps for a resolution and Greece appears unreasonable. The name "Macedonia" has been almost universally accepted for many years now. It doesn't mean Greece has to agree to it, or to the new Skopje concessions, but if Greece is left alone on this, the case will be lost... or, until there will be a re-drawing of borders and different countries. An acceptable (meaning: practical) solution could be "Slavic Macedonia" ? This is descriptive of ethnicity + geography. Geographically Macedonia is in multiple countries, so by attaching a ethnic description to the name may be the solution. This acknowledges that Skopje is Slavic, not Greek. I'm saying all this without the knowledge in current backroom negotiations and interests at play. It could be that if Skopje must enter NATO and the EU, it may compromise further. But, what I know is that Skopje is known as Macedonia in the world right now. The longer it stays so, the stronger the meme.
  15. The evil Patriots must go down in flames!

    1. Lazarus