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  1. dont blame the weed!!!!!!
  2. that was the most uneventful first half of soccer i have ever watched..... id rather watch curling
  3. people in this forum are happy this team is through? w guys like ivanov and xouxoumi in back? this is by far the worst team in the 110 years of its existence. they BARELY beat apollon smyrni. apollon smyrni showed pao no respect and had possesion most of the game. they also hit a post and missed many chances... No team fears pao, and out of the last 16 remaining teams in the cup, panathinaikos is in the bottom 3. this win just bought ownership a lifeline. The fact that Ivanov and Xouxou are even in the practice squad makes me sick. id rather play w 10 men then start that bulgarian meat head. berg and lucas, the rest can hit the road. were still absolute s%$#! and have future ahead of us
  4. Don't forget to mention pao is playing w a man down and ivanov, remainder and xouxoumi is there defense. Hahaha
  5. hahahahaha..... this is awesome. I actually have caught myself rooting against pao. This team couldn't beat my Thursday night indoor team. I'm actually starting to hate this organization. I have lost all respect for ownership, players, coaches, trainers, medical staff.... any coach who even thinks of playing ivanov for more then a minute in a professional soccer game, needs to be reevaluated. I don't ever see this team winning another game all year. And the best is our fans are chanting about aek and olympiacos when we may be the most pathetic organization in all of Europe. Screw gate 13, they wanted alafouzo, this is what they get. Pathetic drug using losers decided who our president is.
  6. what has to happen for pao to advance?
  7. oly played a man up from the 41st, w a bogus first yellow. any oly fan in here still trying to say that oly dont get helped by referees year in and year out need to shut there mouths and stay in there own forums. its bad enough to see ur president is a corrupt heroin dealer, but im sick of hearing u morons saying u dont get backed by refs.
  8. This game lacks talent, skill, heart, passion, sense of urgency.... it can't possibly get any worse for this team. Someone needs to "make panathinaikos great again"....
  9. The indoor match I played yesterday vs a bunch of Croatians was waaaaay more entertaining then the first 40 minutes of this match... holy sh$t we suck sooooooo bad!!!!
  10. i dont understand why there is even a debate on whose at fault. it starts from the top and works its way down. i see it in my own city of chicago. the day the old man who owned the chicago blackhawks died, and an owner who cared stepped in, we won 3 stanley cups in 6 years. look at the chicago cubs. it was 108 years since they won anything. new owners came in, hired the best gm in baseball, recruited players from their acadamies and won the championship this year... if u want changes to panathinaikos, u must start from the top. Gate 13 messed up by chasing out the family and standing behind alafouzo. gate 13 should have no say in who the president is. they should go to the matches and sing for the players. we dont have a proper medical staff, our scouts are crap, our accadamies have gone to sh*t, and we need to stop relying on players like ibarbo and prajnic to come and save us.. not gonna happen
  11. i pray to god the season gets cancelled.... We have officially hit rock bottom, only 3 months into the season!
  12. reaper, go paint a wall and watch it dry... there is more entertainment in that then there is in this game...
  13. President is a joke, general management is a joke, manager is a joke, medical staff is a joke, stadium is a joke, the suspended league is a joke, the first place team is a massive joke, Greek soccer federation is the biggest joke. what Excactly is there to support? What's there to look forward too?
  14. It's so sad to see what we've become... with no signs of improvement, I tend to start to lose interest in this team.
  15. Hahaha.. I said it two week ago... this team is absolute [email protected] half of the players worry more about the African nations cup coming up instead of games like today. Can't wait to start rebuilding. Maybe in the next ten years we can become who we once were. But hey, at least leoforos got new seats.
  16. Anyone know where I can see the highlights from yesterday's match? Also, whoever thinks that change is happening in the Greek league, please watch the oly game from Saturday... absolute disgrace.
  17. You guys can all give your input, game tactics, player mentality, coaching decisions, general management, but at the end of the day we flat out suck... we went from talking about reaching champions league final 16 or better to "we fulfilled our pre season goal of reaching knock out stage of Europa league".. making games vs xanthi and verioa derbys... fearing this olympiacos team that is absolute crap... and freezer spare us how oly are warriors.. have u heard of any of the teams they have beat in Europa league? They are playing against a bunch of drywallers... they were made a rezili vs beer sheva, and lost to some [email protected]@t teams... pao has gone backwards. This is not who we are, this is not what I'm accustomed too. Stop looki for excuse, team is better then last year but that's not saying much... but at the end of the day, we still suck. Period.
  18. What the F&@$ how did he call a penalty???? 20 minutes after the play happened... these refs are all jokes
  19. he keeps starting ibarbo, even though he cant score fo the life of him... yet rinaldi sits on the bench and gets subbed in the 80th like thats gonna do anything for us.. why wont they give him a chance. switch it up. if hes good enough to sign, hes good enough to play. and w berg out, today would be the most perfect scenario.
  20. Thank god i was wrong!!!! too many close calls tho.. we need to bury teams. we need to finish, we need to see rinaldi get playing time
  21. this game is gonna end 2-2... i hope im wrong, but once again U HAVE TO FINISH UR CHANCES OTHERWISE IT WILL BITE U IN THE A**
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