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  1. georgelaz

    NT Friendly Games

    4-3-3 would be sick and i'm glad people are still okay with Samaris. he had a lull but he definitely is one of our best dm's hate it or love it. hmm mitro donis fortounis laz tachtis samaris zeca staf sok man bakakis karnezis might be decent and then we also got pelkas / fetfa / mantalos as impact subs. also got kpaps/retsos to park the bus if needed siovas might need to take a look as elefantos said he's a very intelligent player with superior positioning. playing great in la liga and he can also play cdm unlike kpaps.
  2. georgelaz

    NT Friendly Games

    i watched the friendlies. you can't always take friendlies super seriously it's a time to experiment. tachtsi played very well in big games for olympiakos this year when other players were slacking. he has a place in the team. especially for weaker opponents where his passing can slice through stubborn defenses. his head vs. AEK & his assist to mitroglou vs. belgium were also this season too. not saying he's an auto-starter but he has a place in the team.
  3. georgelaz

    NT Friendly Games

    tachtsi decimated hungary last time he played them and plays decent for olympiakos. i think he'll be alright. tziolis is a problem though for sure
  4. thing that's pissing me off is Arsenal is trying to get the young tourko cb soyuncu. as soon as toprak came to dortmund sokratis didn't play as well - don't think it's a coicidence. he played great with hummels and bartra they should get manolas as well. obviously sokratis's is a professional and will do his best but I think for chemistry purposes manolas would be way better and i'm not sure that mavropanos is ready to be a regular.
  5. georgelaz

    NT Friendly Games

    We should be able to take this but it'll probably still be a heart attack knowing Greece NT lol thing I like about this nations league is that the games will all be relatively competitive as it's pretty merit based. If we deserve to be ranked better then we will can work our way through the ranks unlike the previous system where teams like England/Switzerland face chum opponents because of their pedigree.
  6. georgelaz

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Well according to the wiki page. I got excited prematurely but the wikipedia is cited so it looks good. Sokratis almost certainly. My family is from kalamata and my cousin and Sokratis are friends. He knew he was going Arsenal a month before his father leaked the info.
  7. georgelaz

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Fetfa is back with Olympiakos. If he shows form there high chance he'll be back in the ethiniki. Great news.
  8. georgelaz

    NT Friendly Games

    only exception I see is Australia.
  9. georgelaz

    NT Friendly Games

    we did serbia recently. I remember the Kone/Matic incident.
  10. georgelaz

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    I'd still choose KArnesis over Pasxa but PAsxa is my number 2. Karnezis won his starting 11 for watford and had some shut outs against a top 6 epl side
  11. georgelaz

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Fortounis was still a top scorer/assister in superleague and Mantalos was out for most of the season. The game where pelkas and fortounis both played pelkas had hunger but not the raw talent. Pelkas's first touch was terrible and could have led to a goal. Fortounis nearly scored twice that game by inches however. I think we are dissappointed because Fortounis was supposed to be so much more but he's still one of the best options. People were ripping on me by saying a similar thing with Mitroglou until he got back to his superb form. Mitroglou even in bad form is bed than our other options and same with Fortounis (unless Mantalos is in form)
  12. georgelaz

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    idea putting toro as cdm/cm mitrodonis fortounis laz toro zecastaf sok man bakakis karnezispretty solid line up.
  13. georgelaz

    NT Friendly Games

    for once can the turks not be hostile? apparently not.
  14. any chance they'll get Manolas too? he was in talks for arsenal as well...
  15. pelkas playing though kinda puts this point into doubt though.