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  1. laughed when there was an article saying that in 2016 the ethiniki was more concerned with their hair gel than qualifying lol.
  2. To be honest, I think Bakasetas only plays so much because he's handsome and his name is fun to say.
  3. georgelaz

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    2 up front koulouris and mitro and just crossing like it's going outta style might be the formula then beef up defense with 3atb. might be our strengths. similar to how we played in the euro. we don't have much in the middle besides fortounis which is in attacking third and very rarely can get involved because our cm's can't connect a penetrating pass. it's all wing play. let's stop trying to be something we are not and play to our dna. 2 strikers. lotsa crosses. 3 cb's. we got the cb's for it. sokratis, manolas, kpaps, siovas, retsos are all great choices.
  4. ideally we start donis on the left and lazaros on the right. then fetfa to sub off lazaros since he's gassed. masouras also looks impressive and has scored goals against the big 4 in on season as a winger. let's play players in their natural position. being a good player is largely a matter of instinct. if they spend years domisticating themselves at a certain part of the pitch it's way too hard to just play a different position for such make/break games. I would rather have a low level winger like Gianniotas playing his natural position than Stafylidis as a lw. After seeing what we saw past 2 years.
  5. georgelaz

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Mitroglou Donis Fortounis Lazaros/Fetfa Zeca Holebas Torosidis siovas manolas sokratis Odysseas 5-1-3-1 Might work we concede the midifleld since our options there sucks and we do anyways. make up for it with a beefed up defense which is our strength and rely almost exclusively for wings. just an idea not sure if it would work in practice. seems we play when we play in form players though and in their natural positions.
  6. tsimikas I think is a better crosses though and pacier... if we got 3 atb i'd choose tsimikas for the attacking flair
  7. they're pretty equal. koutris seems to make less defensive mistakes but tsimikas has more attacking flair. in form staf I like better than both though and holebas the most.
  8. today we were the better team and if we played the way we played today whole campaign we'd probably be top of the group. sucks that we are out but most of us didn't think we'd do it. it was a long shot. it was more to see a glimpse of ange's tactics. It's an improvement. he just needs to up the wing play and i'm confident he will since he already improved the squad with vlacho and siovas in his first game. koutris looked great out there too was impressed we have some nice depth at lb. would be great to get holebas back for one last campaign dude is on fiiiiire this season one of the best LB's in PL
  9. donis and lazaros with fetfa super sub fam that's what we need. rest of squad is okay. maybe mantalos for kourbelis MAYBE. at cm.
  10. Overall I liked the way we played though. Sokratis post. Mitro had a great chance first minutes I think. Toro header wide. Koulouris header on target should've used feet instead of head and would've been a goal. Could have been easily 2-0 or more.
  11. yeah I think even thessaloniki. Athens has become very left wing and a lot of Greeks don't want to be known as supporting Greece and being patriotic because they're scared of being labelled fascist. Rest of Greece I don't think gives a hoot.
  12. I think we look good. not happy with wings selections but if the inches went our way it could've been 2 or 3-0. Sokratis post and Torosidis header slightly above across bar. first 10 minuets we were shaky but we looked the better team the other 40 mins siovas looks good he has decent vision and long ball skills. glad he's on the side. manolas is a loss because he's proven to be a big aerial threat. I think siovas manolas and sokratis should all be starting given the option because our defense does give them a little too much space sometimes an extra cb might fix this. lazaros and donis on the wings would be lethal with fetfa as super sub as you will. squad selection isn't that much different but siovas and odysseas additions are positive. torosidis still has it but he'll be gassed for sure by 60th so probably gotta sub him. not sure who the 3rd sub should be.
  13. what if we beat finland 3-0 and win our last game too and finland loses their other game? we go through right? highly unliked but curious you never know!
  14. I'd imagine from the selections he'll do this mitro koulouris fortounis koutris zeca mantalos /pelka bakakis siovas sokratis manolas vlachodimos bakakis and koutris are gunna have to run for days. which they're capable of doing I suppose but they're also not that great so would have been better if we had full backs plus wingers to share the duty. defensively we'll be more robust in da middle
  15. georgelaz

    NT Coaches

    yo this guy is passionate. I almost had tears listening to him talk opening minutes. I have a good feeling about this. let's hope it's right!