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  1. such a good interview with sokratis katsouranis and demis. kats was basically saying that new coach, (losing a great one in santos) new atmosphere, 4 key players gone (salpingidis, karagounis, samaras, gekas) and there was a bit of arrogance because we did so well world cup 2014. Sokratis was saying he had an idea to come back to greece to close his career but now is thinking more USA or China. He also was saying that he's optimistic about the squad because he feels there are a lot of new players that he can tell bleed for the Greek NT and that's what we need.
  2. yeah he didn't mention in the interview and was talking about taking liechesenstein on and how he's familiar with siovas as a partner. so might be a false rumour or a training injury imo.
  3. Masouras and Donis do that too. Chatzigiovannis does it for Pao. All in form and all possible prospect for NT. The only thing Fetfa brought that these guys don't have is 5* fifa skillz lol.
  4. I think he's letting the Arsenal thing get to his head. If he was on a team like Dortmund I don't think he would retire like that. That's stuff that English, French, etc. players do. Under dog teams like us the players play till they retire ie Karagounis taking us to knockouts beating Russia when he was 35. Sokratis is very frustrated with the NT. The fans not showing support. The greek players with loser mentalities. It's just not fun for him anymore and he feels like he's putting water in a hole with a bucket. I hope he changes his mind but at the same time him publically saying that also is a bad attitude. Much like Messi doing that with Argentina. whereas Ronaldo never has thought of stepping down from Portugal. Ronaldo is always wanting to play for it all and takes responsibility. That's why for me I like Ronald much more then Messi.Ronaldo lifts everyone around him. Whereas Messi is passive aggressive and trys to get player he doesn't like away from the NT.
  5. was sleeping with a Bosnian girl a few years ago that ended on bad terms so I hope we smoke them like 5-0. Please Ethiniki. lol
  6. every coach benches Fetfa. He must be dog s%$#! in training or something.
  7. if you look at my starting 11 it didn't include mantalos or baka all these players are in form and good enough. Mantalos is really good if he plays as CAM or CM. Off the bench for Fortounis if Fortounis gets gassed or Pelkas. Torosidis also good off the bench for 60 mins. So 2 nice substitution options there. Koulouris can come on for Mitro too to confuse the oppositions defense with a different styled striker. mitrogloudonis fortounis masouras zeca samariskoutris siovas sokratis bakakis odysseas
  8. actually besides Manolas all of our starting 11 is in form and we have Siovas to patch it up who's in form. So slightly optimistic
  9. mitroglou donis fortounis masouras zeca samaris koutris siovas sokratis bakakis odyesseas would be the best lineup samaris is back in form and playing regularly for benfica (on top of the league and in europa )
  10. sokratis and mavropanos fun quiz game for arsenal tv
  11. Ninis Holebas and Vlacho are actually Greek ethnically though. But yeah i'm all for nabbing them now in case they get good. has there ever been a player that missed out really though? only one I can think of is Castillo but we actually tried to get him and he chose Mexico then dissapeared to oblivion. If he just stuck to what he knows Greece/Olympiakos would've been a legend i think. switching clubs is always a risky move. vrousaii is vrousaii consistently starting and playing don't really follow that league? our best and most in form wingers right now are Donis and Masouras from what I've followed. 3rd string Chatzigiovannis unless I'm forgetting someone. It was Fetfa until he went to Aris and Lazaros till the injury though. Paying attention to form is important. there's a greek player on vrousaii as well pavlidis that I don't know how good he is but is putting same numbers as Vrousaii about 8 games and 3 goals
  12. Bakakis isn't much worse then Tsimikas or Koutris and he was a key player for AEKs title run. Torosidis is still okay for one more compaign. Obviously these guys aren't ideal but Bakakis/Torosidis are our best options at RB at the moment. Retsos if fit and in form is up there too. Bakakis has some pace and doesn't tire easily and he puts in massive effort both defensively and offensively. Toro gets gassed by 60 but still is a decent crosser + not terrible defensively.
  13. Mitroglou Donis Fortounis Masouras Gala Kourbelis Koutris Sok Man Torosidis Vlacho I'd do something like this if we had to a play a game this Sunday.
  14. turks going wild. mitros first goal was 94th minute game winner for gala
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