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  1. georgelaz

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    no it has more info then just that. look at pao's player wages and compare it to greek teams outside the big 4. big difference.
  2. georgelaz

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    they are still top 4 biggest spenders. look it up on transfermarkt https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/super-league/startseite/wettbewerb/GR1
  3. georgelaz

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    I think we should play a CM and CDM. So a CDM to man mark like zeca take a modric/debruyne out of the game. Then we need a CM like Tachtsidis/Galanopoulos (makeshift ones in Pelkas/Mantalos) that can connect the midfield to attacking third. a big problem with us is the attacking third. panathinaikos's run has been cute but I think even without point reductions they'd be 4th which is underperforming for the history of the club and they are still one of the biggest money spenders in the league. the full backs are expensive. mounier is expensive. kourbelis is expensive. relative to the rest of the league. not to be a hater as my club is pao but chatzigiovannis and bouzoukis will look s%$#! for ethniki if they start imo. I bet galanopoulos would too. They've had flashes of brilliance but so far anytime we've inserted youth for ethniki they're often invisible unless it's someone with a clear stand out like Retsos who was starting for OLY and got bought for deca millions.
  4. georgelaz

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    I think we need to go with what got us to the top. A premium on Experience + Form so for me I like this Mitroglou Donis Fortounis Fetfa/Lazaros Zeca Mantalos/Pelkas Koutris Sokratis Manolas Torosidis Vlacho Possible additions pending on how they do rest of the season Masouras at RW Kourbelis for CDM Galanopoulos at CM I'm not a fan of the youth unless they show they have extreme composure / form. Donis/Koutris satisfy this for me. If Stafylidis or Holebas were in the picture and in form tho I'd put them at LB over Koutris. I like Tsimikas too for attacking flair, but defensive liability.
  5. georgelaz

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    right now I'm I like some of these ideas mitroglou donis fortounis fetfa/lazaros/masouras kourbelis/zeca galano/mantalos koutris/tsim sok manolas torosidis/bakakis vlacho
  6. georgelaz

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Sokratis is still very good and don't think he declined at all. This was his only bad game all season and I've payed attention the whole time. Him and Holding have been a great pair, but Holding is injured right now. It's one game. s%$#! happens.
  7. georgelaz

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    like this line up a lot. don't know much about lamprou but I would take fetfa,lazaros, or masouras on the side mitroglou I still like number 1 as a target man. I like kolouris or karelis as impact subs koutris is very sound. and i Like your idea of gala and kourbelis. an 8 and a 6 as you said. very balance squad. I think we need Mitroglou up top because we need some size up there. Reason why I like Masouras/Lazaros is as wingers they can score a lot. fetfa is just pure wild card
  8. georgelaz

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    hopefully Masouras is good at Oly. I don't care about age, I care about form and quality. IMO Lazaros is one of our most in form wingers. Would gladly take Holebas right now too if didn't leave. He's one of the best LB in the premier league. The NT is for the best players at the current moment. It's not a youth academy.
  9. georgelaz

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Really? he's looked pretty good the games that I saw. He was pivotal in Olympiakos's round of 32 qualification. Didn't he score like 5 goals in group stage? goal wise he's in the same form as last year. last year with AEK 47 appearances = 16 goals. 34% this year with OLY 17 appearances = 6 goals. 35%
  10. georgelaz

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Mitroglou Donis Fortounis Fetfa Samaris??? Tsimikas Siovas Manolas Sokratis Bakakis Oydessas Impact subs Lazaros for fetfa Torosidis for Bakakis Samaris when in form is our best CM he's the only one from the above lacking in form. I don't feel as comfortable with Zeca or Kourbelis or Gala as the sole CM. Or playing out of position Mantalos or Pelkas there. The wings have reasonable pace with that. Especially our left flank. 3 atb we can absorb the attacks easier plus we have so many good cb's. Retsos and Kpaps as well so if we make this our system it's more robust in case of injury.
  11. georgelaz

    Euro 2020 Qualifying

    Mourinho would be great for NT I think as he's defensive minded and it's our strength. Feel like he's a bit outside of our pay grade though... it seems that a lot of NT teams are getting stronger while we're atrophying. Ukraine, Serbia come to mind. I think what we need is pace for the counter as we absorb attacks and should probably play 3 atb as insurance. Tsimikas and Donis bring pace but we need more on the right flank. Probably Bakakis + Fetfa. Torosidis is good as impact sub at 60+ minutes.
  12. georgelaz

    2018-2019 Europa League

    this was a good draw. AEK was unlucky not to beat them last year was all over them. I doubt that they'll be a fortunate against an Olympiakos that took down Milan. pame!
  13. georgelaz

    2018-2019 Europa League

    Marinakis 'Gia olous Tous Ellines'. Class act.
  14. georgelaz

    2018-2019 Europa League

    he never gets a full 90. this is the first game he did and look what he does. seems like he just never gets a chance! commentator mentioned it too that it was a long time since his full 90
  15. georgelaz

    2018-2019 Europa League

    I think oly might do well if they do this attacking third lazaros masouras fortounis fetfa lacks height is the only issue but think would wreck havoc on defenses and all greek. is masouras able to play europa? give us fener and gala and knock them out. would be hilarious and drama