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  1. georgelaz

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    that would give us nice wing options with donis laz and fetfa finally. mitro Donis Fetfa Laz Zeca Staf Kpaps Sokratis Manolas Bakakis Karnezis No brainer line up that I think even skibbe could think up
  2. he might as well have played fetfa. if you're gunna play tziolis as captain. fetfa is a superstar in saudi arabia too. the arabs probably think it's redic we hadn't included him.
  3. pasxalakis is probabaly our second best keeper to karnezis. he's a beast. barkas is okay tho saved a pen in the greek cup final too
  4. agreed. it's just pelkas, bakakis, and galanopoulos/koutroubis that we gotta work into the squad
  5. nice androutsos on. I'm hoping we can win lol tziolis out. something might happen now haha
  6. we could easily beat them if we played with our best 11. we need confidence above else and wins. not playing a peak form donis is wrong. the only players we need to give more time to see are gala, bakakis, pelkas there doesn't seem to be any other friendlies going on tho so maybe we couldn't get the call ups.
  7. I like commentary. big part of watching for me
  8. we got a red. anyone know a stream with english or greek commentary?
  9. fortounis is our best AM all things being equal right now I'd say Pelkas is the best based on form though. Pelkas is aggressive and hungry but doesn't have some of the technique that fortounis brings to the table like first touch
  10. yeah really want to see Donis play a full game with his form. Mitro is out tho. Ate my words on Donis's crossing being poor it was great last match 2 goals came from his cross against Bayern. Karelis + Donis + Pelkas + Lazaros up top would be a sexy combo I'd wanna c Karelis Laz Pelkas Donis Kourbelis Zeca Staf Sok Man Bakakis Karnezis I want a win above all else. I remember when we were playing iceland we played top lineup 2-0 winning then subbed out our in form players and lost 3-2 LOL
  11. georgelaz

    Tasos Donis ‒ VfB Stuttgart

    wow donis destroyed bayerns defense. 2 interceptions that lead to a goal and assist and then a cross that led to another goal (second assist in a way). bayern already won the title but they were playing a pretty fully line up.