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  1. Orestis Karnezis - Watford F.c.

    pretty sure he was injured during that game too. Remember it was Glykos who started one of the game in the group stage... might have been wiser to keep with glykos as he played well. The poor man's Ryan gosling lol
  2. unfortunately they're out of the picture and I think they were more raw talent than actual good training but I cant be sure. it's a shame because Ninis and Mitroglou had the best chemistry. Fortounis and Mitroglou do not.
  3. mitroglou is a product of German academies. Donis is a product of Italian academies. the only thing greek academies have been able to produce is CB's. we have the talent but not the academies.
  4. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    karelis as ss behind mitro would be cool or him n the left mitro on the right
  5. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    euro 2020 lineup should be Mitro Fetfa Fortounis Donis Tachtsi Zeca Staf Manolas Sokratis Retsos Karnezis 1. fetfa is still only gunna be 27 and his contract with the arabs will be done and hopefully he can go play in europe 2. fortounis is our best CAM, I don't agree with the flak he's been getting and he's only 24. Mantalos is also quite good in this position if anything slot Fortounis to left were he can play good and Mantalos as CAM cuz mantalos sucks on the wing. Reminds me when people gave up on Mitro... this might be even worse. Let's not forget the kid almost single handedly decimated arsenal a year or two ago. 3. Retsos as RB will be solid and Donis up to will more than make up for his lack of attacking ability. So it's almost like we have 3 atb + a wing back in Staf. Toro will likely want to get 100 caps and if he's still good enough (right now I say he is all for it) good thing for skibbe is he benched tzav for once but Tziolis has gotta go man or at least just reserves.
  6. FIFA World Ranking

    our low ranking is a piece of why it's been harder to qualify. post euro 2004 we were often pot 1. success builds upon success. it's harder t dig out of a hole so this campaign has been good from a digging out of a hole point of view...
  7. we did have a midfield at one point. that was circa 2003-2005 zagorakis at bologna karagounis at inter katsouranis at benfica stelios at bolton (when they were a premier league regular) basinas at pao tsiartsas at athletico thats 6 high quality midfielders right there and they were always starting for their club. now we have players that aren't even starting for club Gianniotas = second division spain Fortounis = sometimes doesn't even start for oly Samaris = doesn't really start for Benfica anymore (was in top form 2 years ago getting a champions league MOM) Zeca = played out of position but otherwise solid. Staf = he's not a midfielder. Tziolis = plays in saudi arabia Tachtsi = isn't playing regular balla at oly still. Night and day difference. If our players actually get playing time at decent clubs we have a future though. 2nd place and a loss in the playoffs wasn't terrible. There's always a silver lining. Remember we didn't qualify for the world cup before the we won the euro either. We were very close to qualifying this time. Skibbe makes mistakes but if we don't get plagued with injuries I think we can even go through with him as when our players are in form and have few injuries he got results. He just sucks when it comes to improvisation when players are missing and he makes excuses rather than get creative.
  8. the boo's were shameful from our fans... I think it was a bit of a tit for tat because the croats did it in zagreb but still... I expect better from us greeks.
  9. manolas and torosidis are a class above our other options, that's for sure.
  10. fifa truly screwed us with manolas ban. bakasetas sucks he's slow and doesn't make up for his pace with anything. although pelkas skied it he offers way more for us.
  11. Samaris is same height as Tziolis and Tachtsidis is 2 inches taller... Tziolis in as a height thing is redicolous lol.
  12. skibbe falls to the consistency bias way too often. he needs a baby revolution for us to have a chance to win this game. but he's not gunna do that.
  13. wouldve made our lives easier if cracked a second away goal we had 4+ chances to do so croatia's defense looks shakey and we've seen greece somehow manage to play offensive football when their backs against the wall eg) vs. Ivory Coast / Costa Rica Mitroglou 20 Mitroglou 40 Laz 70 pame lol
  14. so obvious. Zeca on the wing is wasted. he should have man marked modric and taken him out the game. Zeca is wasted on the wings. He's not creative nor a goal scorer. He's an engine and can man mark like a dog on meat.