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  1. MykinesFC

    Jose Holebas ‒ Watford

    Here is a better than usual interview with Holebas. He may be a kolopaido, but I think the bad attitude may be a bit of misplaced passion https://www.watfordfc.com/teams/first-team/colney-chat-jose-holebas
  2. MykinesFC

    Giorgos Samaras ‒ (free agent)

    A more benign spin might go like this: being without a club and recovering from a serious back injury, joining the NASL for 20 games and playing in obscure Oklahoma was the perfect way to quietly get back to match fitness. Not sure I believe it, but there may be elements of truth to this.
  3. MykinesFC

    Giorgos Samaras ‒ (free agent)

    Except it's not happening...I'm pretty sure the Hibernian story is a joke that just got repeated until it sounded plausible. It would be a step up from the NASL, but there is zero evidence.
  4. MykinesFC

    Jose Holebas ‒ Watford

    How can anyone suggest he's not really Greek, check out the top mannerisms in his argument with a Capoue! He's learned something in 5 years in the NT. http://www.espnfc.com/english-premier-league/23/video/2974067 Seriously Skibbe, we need this passion and you forced it out!
  5. He likely has an attitude, but he also derseves some respect. He is been a key member of the NT for many years through good and bad, and at 32 is finally getting his due as a Premier League starter. I don't blame him for retiring from the NT, I don't think that loyalty is an issue - he has put in his time and then some. I do blame Skibbe and the EPO. You don't jerk around your stars in favour of the old boys who have no reasonable reason to get a start or a cap and yet still do.
  6. MykinesFC

    Road To Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup

    Apologies if this has already been posted....some past glories to get us pumped for tomorrow 2018 campaign - all the highlights of the 2014 qualifying. A lot of 1-0 of course but so much more. From the great start with Spyropoulos to the humiliating loss to Bosnia, the string of 1-0 and the amazing games against Romania to clinch it. Lots of excellent contributions from players who are now done for the Ethniki. As maddening as these games were, if the results for 2018 look anything like this I'd be very happy.
  7. MykinesFC

    Other Greeks Abroad

    That was nice to see. Good luck to Avraam. I know there is not a lot of love for him around here, but I have to respect how much work he has put in to play after his injury finished him for top flight football- Turkey then China and now Japan, there are not a lot of Greeks players who can handle that kind of culture shock.
  8. MykinesFC

    Apostolos Vellios ‒ Waasland-Beveren

    The long grind will see him get his chances at playing time eventually. It's hard to always start with the same 11 in the Championship.
  9. I've watched a handful of Saudi games. It seems to me that the level of defending is indeed below say the Greek Super League. Like Greece there is a huge drop in quality from the top 2-4 clubs to the rest so he faces a lot of very weak teams. There is a risk that his levels could drop by playing there, but one might say the same about someone like Fortounis in Greece - sure the SL is better, but how much does facing the likes of Veria and Panthrakikos do for developing his ability and skill?
  10. That was way more enjoyable than I thought it would be.
  11. MykinesFC

    Giorgos Samaras ‒ (free agent)

    Guys, I get it. This is clearly a topic where opinions vary...but to mention Kone that is just trolling!
  12. MykinesFC

    Giorgos Samaras ‒ (free agent)

    I watched the same on NASL.com Not impressive at all. He should just go to OFI and work on whatever salary they give him. If he is finished, working to get OFI back into the Super League is more admirable than slogging it through the NASL as a sub.
  13. MykinesFC

    Giorgos Samaras ‒ (free agent)

    Based on what I've seen online, NASL players are quite accessible after matches.
  14. Nice interview here. http://www.sport24.gr/football/EllinesExoterikou/o-yperhfanos-d1m1-ths-premier-league.4054629.html
  15. MykinesFC

    Giorgos Samaras ‒ (free agent)

    I think Rayo knew exactly what they were getting... A recognizable name signing who is injured and out of shape but if fit could make an impact. The upside on the field could be great, but the real point was to sign someone with a pedigree (Man City, Celtic two WCs) that most soccer fans have heard of.