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I have to refute your opinion, my biggest concern is the following; the local community in the UK have a detrimental opinion about all Greeks due to the fact in the 50's and 60's Cypriots were involved in scams like prostitution, what the Turks and Albanians are doing now is what the Cypriots did then. Unfortunately, due to that, I as a Greek nowadays have to face casual comments by the Brits who have no understanding of the difference between GREEKS and CYPRIOTS

Oh please! When the Cypriots came in the 50's they were subjected to English racism (with the Irish). And they still did their utmost to work and start an honest life. They worked tirelessly in clothes factories and carried out manual labour work. Then as the economy boosted and so did the economic clout of the Cypriots they opened restaurants, bought properties and wherever they settled the area became up market with a low crime rate. So please don't talk crap! The Turks have flooded London with heroin and prostitution, and wherever they've gone (Harringey, Dalston, Tottenham, etc.) the crime rate is the highest it has ever been. This was never the case with Greek Cypriots.

When the Brits complain about Cypriots, tell them that the Cypriots would happily go back if the Brits payed the

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